Sebastian LaRue "shocked" by Michigan offer

Michigan continues using their California connections this time offering Santa Monica athlete Sebastian LaRue. LaRue dishes on his Wolverine offer, his outstanding junior season -- and will distance be a factor?

Transitioning from San Diego State to Michigan, most of the Michigan coaching staff still have deep connections on the West Coast. The latest Californian to pick up a Wolverine offer is a Socal guy, Santa Monica high school athlete Sebastian LaRue.

"It was shocking, in a way," said LaRue said to GoBlueWolverine regarding his Michigan offer. "It's always shocking to get an offer from somebody because that's different than them just trying to contact you; that's them saying we want you to come play for our program. So it was very exciting and humbling in a way."

Former San Diego State assistant and now Michigan tight ends coach and special teams coordinator Dan Ferrigno led the charge leading up to the scholarship offer.

"I talked to my head coach and he told me to call coach Dan Ferrigno," said LaRue. "He said we just love you as a player, we love how versatile you are and how explosive you are on the field."

Coach Ferrigno made an impression on LaRue, discussing the kind of stage the Big House would provide.

"He was saying that they just have the fans and everything, they have a few games that had over 114,000 plus people -- so that's pretty exciting, that's a real big stage," said LaRue.

When asked what he knows about Michigan LaRue gave an answer that isn't surprising to hear from a current junior in high school.

"All I really know about them is Denard Robinson," said LaRue laughing. "I know they have a great tradition, a great rivalry between Ohio State, I know they produce great players like Charles Woodson -- but that was my first reaction, Denard Robinson."

At 5'11 and a half, 187 pounds, LaRue plays both ways from Santa Monica finishing with almost 1,000 yards receiving on offense, 20 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

As it turns out LaRue is open to both cornerback and wide receiver, something college coaches are open to discuss as well.

"Everyone has their own preference but they tell me if there's one side of the ball you're feeling more we're fine with that. But I really just want to play whatever the coach wants me to play," said LaRue. "Whatever school I pick, whatever that coach wants me to play, that's where I want to play."

With double digit scholarship offers, it's almost time to start setting up spring visits, something LaRue and his mom have already begun discussing. Could Michigan get a look?

"I was just discussing that with my mom, what schools I kind of want to get down to and check out," said LaRue. "We haven't really gotten down to the list or anything, but I would like to get out there and check out Michigan if I can."

All the way out on the West Coast it's difficult for some kids to make the move to Michigan, but for LaRue it shouldn't be a big deal being a way from home.

"I think she'll be okay with me leaving," said LaRue laughing. "We talked about it but I think she'll be okay with it."

As far as what he'll be looking for once he takes visits to school's in the near future, LaRue is looking to get a feel for what it's like as a player on campus.

"I want to hear feedback from current players, the coaching staff, just see how they feel about them and what they like about the campus life and how things are on campus everyday," said LaRue. "How many athletes graduate with degrees."

With no real attachment to an in-state school LaRue is open to any and all. Time will tell whether or not the Wolverines can get him to visit Ann Arbor.

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