Back to familiarity

After transitioning to the outfield at the beginning of the year, Chad Christensen is moving back to shortstop - for at least now.

Nebraska junior Chad Christensen is back to a familiar place.

On Tuesday, after starting the year in the outfield, the Iowa product was moved back to shortstop due to the injury of Pat Kelly.

"It's fine, I mean, I've done it my whole life and it's not a big deal," Christensen said. "It's just a change and we'll go with it and sees what happens.

"I have always liked shortstop, I will go play wherever they we need me to play. Whether that means outfield or shortstop, it doesn't matter to me."

Christensen was moved to the outfield heading into the year after the coaching staff felt his speed could be utilized.

"He's played enough there. With Pat going down with the hamstring, we need some depth there," said head coach Darin Erstad. "I mentioned it to Chad last night. He will do anything. He already had it on his mind. He's just a great team player."

Christensen went 6-for-11 over the weekend with a home run. Nebraska (0-3) will play Utah on Friday at 2 P.M. in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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