Just a feeling....

If there is one thing to be said about Charles Jackson, a 2011 signee for Nebraska that failed to initially qualify last year, it's that there isn't an ounce of quit in him. What's the latest?

Charles Jackson, a four-star cornerback and the No.2 nationally in 2011 class, from Klein (Texas) Collins is still trying to get to Nebraska. Initially a non-qualifier, Jackson has been trying to get the appropriate test score to get to Lincoln. Rumors swirled last night that Jackson had received a passing score.

"I will get my test scores back soon," Jackson said. "I would say in the next two weeks. I know that there were rumors all over the place last night and they go around so fast that they are hard to squash at once. So they just get too big. I saw it on Twitter. I don't know where they came from."

Jackson had been focusing all of his attention on the SAT, but recently took the ACT as well. It's been a while since Jackson has taken the ACT, after focusing mainly on the SAT the past couple of years, but it wasn't the first time he has taken the ACT.

"I have taken both the SAT and ACT recently. I would say that over the next couple of weeks that I should have my results back for both tests. This was the first time that I took the ACT in a long, long time, but I had been preparing for it."

As for now, Husker fans will have to wait just like the coaching staff at Nebraska and Jackson. If there is one thing to feed off of its Jackson's optimism. He says that he felt good after both tests and if he falls short again in a couple of weeks he remains positive that he will get a passing test score soon.

"I thought that both of my tests really went well. I just had a feeling about them and until you get your results that's all you can really go off of. I'll get the score that I need eventually. Until then I am just going to keep working and grinding no matter what."

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