Commit, Number 1!

Nebraska is not a school notorious for getting a ton of commits early. Because of that, fans stir and wait as other schools get their commits, some into the teens. It's like that most of the time for NU followers, but it usually just takes that first commit to calm them down and get the wheels in motion as they say. This weekend, NU got those wheels in motion with their first commit, WR, Nathan Swift.

Nathan Swift made his pledge official and early as he chose his school for the future when he committed to Nebraska this weekend during one of NU's summer sessions. And it wasn't Nathan waiting to see the facilities, the stadium or the sheer volume of red, rather he was just waiting, wondering if he would get "that" feeling he wanted.

He did.

"It was more like, ‘if I feel this', because I knew they were a great program." Nathan said. "I knew they had everything you could want. It's like a dream-shot going to NU."

That dream-shot might have felt like just that as this Minnesota standout was considered just that by a team not even within his state's borders and one of the best traditions in college football history on top of that. "I talked to my coach before anyone had offered me." Swift stated. "We thought schools like Nebraska would be in come November or September and all of a sudden, they just popped up two weeks ago."

Nathan also pointed to the fact that offensive coordinator, Barney Cotton had voiced his interest in Nathan, because his film fit just what NU had in mind for the future, a future clouded in some mystery as to what is really going to happen to the vaunted Nebraska offense. "They told me that instead of throwing it maybe 15 times a game, they are wanting to throw it maybe 25 to 30 times a game, so that was a big reason why I was looking at them, plus my coach told me to keep an eye on them if they were going to start doing that." he said.

Nathan brings a good frame to the position, standing around 6'2" and weighing in at 180lbs. A definitely body capable of being built upon. Swift's speed also has a good foundation, Nathan being timed running a 4.6 at his most recent NIKE camp appearance.

All this though, it brings a smile to Nathan's face, not just because it's a commit, not just because it's Nebraska, but because now he has nothing to worry about playing football. "It feels a lot better." Nathan said of committing now. "Now, I don't have to sit at home and wait for this coach to call or this other coach."

Those calls will come though, especially now that Nebraska has offered and received his commit. What then will Nathan do? "I'll still talk to them, but I will make sure they know I am pretty set on Nebraska."

And what about future visits? "I don't know. I might, but probably not."

Nathan marks the debut of the Husker class of 2004 and with the changes expected on offense to take Nebraska towards a more aerial style, at least for them, getting a wide receiver would seem to be almost appropriate if not slightly ironic.

For Nathan, it's just a relief and now, he's just ready for some football. "I don't have any real goals when it comes to NU. I am just excited to play."

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