Hollins needs to reschedule

One of the names that showed up preliminarily on the junior day list and subsequently a later visit date will have to reschedule to visit again. The good news is that Nebraska fans don't need to fret about Deon Hollins not making it the past two trips and realize that he and his father want to visit Nebraska. When might they visit now?

Nebraska was going to be hosting Deon Hollins, a defensive end/linebacker, from Missouri City (Texas) Marshall this weekend after he originally planned on visiting for junior day. This weekend apparently will not work out for Deon either.

"Unfortunately we won't be able to make it (this weekend)," Deon Hollins, Sr. said. "This weekend just won't work out for us as a family. We planned on it though and want to make that trip."

The communication between Deon, his father and Nebraska is on going. Hollins' father said that recently he spoke with two of the assistant coaches at Nebraska about how they see his son fitting on the field. Which position Deon plays will be big in their decision.

"We spoke to both Coach Rich Fisher and Coach Ross Els recently about some things. We are most interested in understanding how teams plan on using Deon. Deon is interested in Nebraska though, and personally I like Nebraska, we just need to make a trip.

"I know that Nebraska is talking about Deon playing outside linebacker and they mentioned Lavonte David to us. Deon has only played in the trenches though and played against some big boys. It might be good to back him up, but his experience so far has been on the line of scrimmage."

There is another date coming up that Mr. Hollins was aware of when it came to another possible visit to Nebraska. The spring game is a big attraction for recruits, but there is another conflict that weekend. While Mr. Hollins said he would not be available he did say it was possible his son could go on his own.

"We will look at the spring game on April 14th, but if Deon chooses to go that weekend it will likely be by him self. I have another obligation that weekend that won't allow me to go."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years.
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