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On a trip that was really about getting to watch his sister run track Chikwe Obasih got a chance to see a couple of schools. One of the schools that Obasih was able to check out for parts of two days this past weekend was Nebraska. The Huskers made quite the impression on the defensive end, but was there an offer at the end of the visit?

It was a weekend that was really focused on track for Chikwe Obasih but there was some football too. The track meet was in Lincoln, Nebr. and that gave the 6-foot-3 and 230-pound defensive end from Brookfield (Wisc.) Central a chance to check out Nebraska.

"Yeah, we were in Nebraska this weekend," Obasih said. "We got there Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday afternoon. I got over to the school about 4:30 or so on Friday and really spent most of my time with the strength and conditioning coach.

"We didn't have a lot of time on Friday; maybe just an hour or so. My sister was actually there running track. She runs for Minnesota. So, we were really there to see her run track and fit a visit in around that."

Obasih spent most of his time on Friday with the strength and conditioning coaches and really milling around the weight room. That was still a lot to look at according to him.

"The strength and conditioning took most of the time on Friday and we had a good chance to check out the weight room. It really was amazing. They definitely care about their players at Nebraska and that is evident because of their best facilities.

"We got a chance to check out the Ndamukong Suh weight room and conditioning section of the weight room. He gave a lot of money to the university to improve their facilities and get his name on the weight room."

On Saturday, Obasih had a chance to check out a lot more that the school and the program at Nebraska had to offer. Obasih said that he was really with two of the assistant coaches for most of the day.

"I got a chance to see the academic support facilities for the student-athletes at Nebraska. I was with Coach Rick Kaczenski who coaches the defensive line and Coach Ross Els who coaches the linebackers.

"Coach Barney Cotton is my recruiting coach, but he was out of the state at a seminar and I wasn't able to meet him. I got a chance to take a bigger tour on Saturday and see the rest of the facilities related to the football program."

Coming into Nebraska Obasih has already seen a fair number of schools including stopping by to see another school on his way to Lincoln. Obasih said that in comparison to the other schools that he has already seen that the Huskers compared very, very well.

"I have been to Wisconsin, Minnesota, we stopped by Iowa State on our way to Nebraska, and I have also seen Iowa and one other school. Nebraska compared very, very well with the other schools. There is a lot of tradition there with the Blackshirts, the walk-on program and their consecutive sell-outs."

While Obasih is already holding a nice list of offers he did leave Lincoln without an offer from Nebraska. While a little disappointing on the surface he did say that he appreciated the approach that Nebraska was taking with him when it came to building a relationship and potentially receiving an offer.

"I didn't pick up a Nebraska offer on the trip. Nebraska said that they are a little more traditional about how they extend offers and they just don't throw them around.

"They told me that they really wanted to get to know me and wanted me to get to know them. I definitely like their approach with me. It's an amazing program and they are on the verge of doing great things there under Bo Pelini."

Obasih said that there are plans in the works to get over to see Michigan State, Illinois and Purdue in the coming weeks. There are plans for camps, but he doesn't know which camps he will hit.

"I need to talk about camps with my family. We haven't decided on any camps yet. I know that we would like to get back to Nebraska. My dad definitely liked it there."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years.
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