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The top recruit in the state of Nebraska this year will likely be Josh Banderas and he's starting to pick up steam. A Nebraska offer came for Banderas during a junior day visit and picked up another while visiting Iowa State he picked up another. What's left for Banderas and the coming months?

Josh Banderas was on the road this weekend checking out Iowa State. This latest trip is the last of any planned visits or camps that Banderas might have. He recently made some changes and will not be going to a couple of camps that he initially was going to go to.

"I just got back from Iowa State yesterday," Banderas said. "We were planning on going to the Ohio State and Wisconsin camps, but I don't think that we are going to be going out there. For now I think we are going to wait for some more contact (from other schools)."

Banderas enjoyed his time in Ames this weekend. He liked the construction that was taking place for the new football center and that will encourage him to get back and check them out again. He also really liked the coaching staff and the fans at the basketball game.

"Iowa State was awesome. I really had a good time over there. I didn't get to see their new football center because it's not done year. It will be done in October and I would like to get back over to see it after it's done.

"I really liked the coaches at Iowa State and I like Coach Rhoades philosophy about everything. He's really a blue-collar guy and I appreciate that. At the basketball game the fans were really crazy at the game."

Banderas picked up an offer at the Nebraska junior day and the same can be said about Iowa State. "I picked up an offer from Iowa State yesterday. I have five offers now. They're from Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas State, Tulsa and SE Missouri State."

The Nebraska camps are typically in June and while Banderas has been to their camp the past few years he's not sure if he will go back this year. He will be attending some spring practices and will see the spring game on April 14th in Lincoln.

"I have gone to the two-day pad camp for two or three years. We are still deciding if we will do that this year. It's not a must according to Nebraska to get back for camp. I will get over for some spring practices and the spring game."

The spring season will have Banderas busy running track. He says that he will be doing track and field events. "I am running track. I am running hurdles and throwing. I will be doing the 110m. My best time is 14.9 in the hurdles."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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