Willis has size and speed

The saying goes that you have speed or you are chasing it. Look at cornerback Priest Willis and you might think that you are looking at a future safety. That is until he goes with and locks down the top opposing wide receiver for an entire game. Willis is convinced though that he will be even better this year and that is a scary thought.

Call any recruit from the state of Arizona and it's likely that they will tell you that they are friends with another top recruit at another school that might be in another town. It's something that is unique to Arizona and Arizona recruits. Priest Willis says it has a lot about putting Arizona football on the map.

"It's just because Arizona is not known for football," Willis said. "It's starting to get out there though. We all just want to be there for each other and we aren't wishing each other anything but positive things. We all want to make it to the same place so we help each other."

Willis knows other players in the state of Arizona like Devon Allen and Kenny Lacy. Lacy was just over at Willis' house this weekend and Allen paid Willis a high compliment saying that you wouldn't think that a player with Willis' size would have that kind of speed. And Willis is still working hard to become a better player.

"I am not playing any sports right now. I am just working out. I am trying to become a better leader for the team. I want to be there for everyone, not let anyone get too far down, and really be that student of the game. I want to get an overall better IQ on the football field."

At 6-foot-2 and 185-pounds you might suspect that Willis is a safety, but he's getting the most looks at cornerback. This season though he will roll over to safety where he knows that he can potentially have a bigger impact on the game because he can play both sides of the field.

"I am being looked at to play cornerback at the next level. I am big and physical. I think that I can do both man to man and zone at the cornerback position. There will be some time at safety this fall too. At corner you can take one player out of the game, but at safety I can see more the field and have more of an impact."

Willis is up to an insane amount of offers already and it's just the beginning of March. He's really trying to take all of the process in and is still putting together all of the things that will go into his college decision.

"I am up to 25 offers. I am looking for the overall best situation for me. I am not really sure what I will be majoring in yet and I don't think that distance will be a factor."

Willis is holding an offer from Nebraska and one name that has been tied to Willis that is familiar to Nebraska fans is Toby Wright. Wright is a friend of the family and is also training Willis now.

"Toby Wright is a good friend of the family and he's a good friend of my step-dad's. Toby played for Nebraska in the 90s. He's my trainer now and he's really more like my uncle. He's there for me and he teaches me the game."

Some of the early spring game visitor lists have had Willis' name on them. He says that he's not sure now whether or not he will be attending the spring game in Lincoln. He knows about it though and has found out a lot about Nebraska by listening to Wright.

"I thought that I was going up for the Nebraska spring game, but I don't know now. Toby has told me that football is the sport at Nebraska. There's nothing like it. He told me that 85,000 fans come to watch the spring game and there's nothing like Nebraska football and being a Blackshirt."

The recruiting process and the attention have come as a bit of a shock to Willis. He's thankful, but it's been a lot to take in at one time. He isn't sure about any upcoming visits being set in stone. He knows that he would like to get out and take some visits this spring and summer to see some of the schools that have extended him an offer.

"I honestly don't really know. This process has really just hit me. I don't know what visits I am going to be able to take. I am going to try to take as many as I can before the season."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine.
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