Carnes says football school paid off

Nebraska sophomore quarterback Brion Carnes says "football school" during the offseason has him better prepared for this spring.

Nebraska sophomore quarterback Brion Carnes won't say this offseason was harder, but there was extra emphasis put on both sides of the football in preparation. Especially in the film room. The team went to what Carnes calls "football school."

"Each week was something new," said Carnes. "The offense had tests and quizzes, the defense had tests and quizzes."

Carnes used the time to learn how to better read coverages and blitzes. He also took the opportunity to get an understanding of what each one of his teammates does on a certain play.

"It was a really helped me out a lot and prepared me for spring ball," said Carnes. "The more you get in film, the more the game slows down for you.

"I watched film from Taylor last year, I watched film of last spring what I did. I watched film of myself at practice and snaps from the three games that I was in last year."

Carnes says physically he feels good and is trying to get into a rhythm once again on the football field, especially with the grind of practices on players bodies. But mentally is where much of his focus is.

"I'm just learning, taking it day-by-day. You want to learn something day-by-day and then bring it out to the field," said the Florida native.

"It was kind of difficult (last season) that it was a new system and Coach Beck really didn't have time to teach us the offense, so he had to go with the experienced player. This year he has put us in football school and I'm coming out and competing every day."

His teammates have noticed the change.

"It's commitment," said sophomore wide receiver Jamal Turner. "He's showing he wants to go out and be the No. 1 guy...he would call me up, 'hey man what are you doing? Do you want to go watch some film?' I would tell him yeah let's go do it."

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