Corners adjusting to Terry Joseph

Nebraska junior cornerback Andrew Green says corners have to adjust and be ready to adapt to a new coach.

Lincoln, NE - Three years and three different position coaches. For junior cornerback Andrew Green, spring will largely be about adjusting to Terry Joseph's style of coaching.

"It's crazy, but you have to be ready to adapt and roll with it. It's all I really can say," said Green. "To me he's really disciplined. He's really disciplined in the DB room. I feel like I'm really getting a better understanding of the defense with him each day. I feel like he's really a great teacher."

Last fall, defensive backs talked about the differences in former coach Marvin Sanders and Corey Raymond. They said Raymond was a technician and focused on the little fundamental things at corner – tearing many of them down and building them back up.

While some might think having three coaches in one year could be a blessing, with players taking the positives from each coach, Green doesn't look at it that way.

"You have to listen to your coach, so sometimes you have to drop what your other coach might have said," said the junior. "You can see the different perspectives though and how much a defensive back is about technique and different crafts."

So what has Green had to drop?

"We are now kind of playing off man and press. We will be a little more balanced."

Green made 10 starts in 2011, recording 48 tackles and snagging one interception. He says the biggest thing he worked on physically about his game between the bowl and spring practices was his press techniques.

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