Getting closer

It was music to Nebraska Cornhusker fans' ears a few weeks ago when Charles Jackson announced that he received what he believed to be a passing test score. Now Jackson has been playing the waiting game with the NCAA Clearinghouse, but he did receive an indicator today that could foreshadow what is coming.

Charles Jackson may not have been in college the past year, but that doesn't mean that he hasn't been studying. The standout cornerback who initially didn't qualify out of high school has taken the standardized tests a number of times over the past year.

Right before 2012 signing day Jackson was reporting that he had taken one test and had another scheduled. He did say that he felt good about the test. Felt good turned out to be test score higher than he thought he needed to get to Nebraska this summer. So another waiting game began.

Since that day Jackson had spoken with Nebraska who were happy not just to possibly be getting the coveted cornerback up to Lincoln, but that he saw it all through. Today Jackson received what might be another indicator that his dream is going to be a reality.

"I did receive paperwork from Nebraska today," Jackson said as he was getting ready to visit his grandmother. "I haven't faxed it back to them yet, but I am going to. It's such a blessing and a relief."

While Jackson might be exhaling there is still a little reason to hold his breath. The NCAA hasn't let either side know yet whether or not Jackson has pass the Clearinghouse. "We still don't know, but based on what we have heard it shouldn't be an issue."

Jackson took the time out to talk to before visiting with his family. He said that he would give a longer interview later this week to talk about the Clearinghouse and the Nebraska paperwork.

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