Nebraska in top 5

It's tough to say that an out of state school has a pull to a city in another state, but Nebraska might come close with the people of Plano, Texas. The reason? Rex Burkhead. There is now a player from the same town, different school, that when he got his Nebraska offer thought immediately of Burkhead at Nebraska but he liked Nebraska even before Rex got there.

At 6-foot-4 and 215-pounds you wouldn't instantly think linebacker, but Mike Mitchell from Plano (Texas) Prestonwood Christian isn't your typical linebacker. Mitchell says that he is getting ready to start running track and then he will move out to the football field for spring practices in a couple of weeks.

"I am going to run track," Mitchell said. "I will be doing the relays, 4x100m and 4x400m. Other than that I will just be lifting weights and staying active. Spring ball starts in a few weeks I think."

There isn't an issue for Mitchell in the area of making tackles or sacks. He says that he does that well from his linebacker spot. However he did want to improve on making an interception or two. So he's been working on his hands this offseason.

"I definitely wanted to get better when it came to making more interceptions. I have been working out with my brother, who is a quarterback, and my dad. We have been doing passing drills just trying to get better to reacting quickly and working on my hands."

Mitchell obviously has the size that you crave in a linebacker, but sometimes that will limit a player. That's not the case with Mitchell. He says that he doesn't give up any athleticism or speed with his size at all.

"I think that I am a balanced linebacker. I think that I can come off of the edge and get off of the quarterback, but I can also play in the box and fill gaps in the run game. I don't think that everyone can say that. I think that players are usually good at one or the other.

"I think that I have good size and speed and usually when linebackers have that size you see that they can't move laterally very quickly and they are limited to what they can do. I have that size, but I also have the speed to go sideline to sideline."

The recruiting picture for Mitchell is constantly changing. He says that offers show up very regularly and new interest from schools who haven't offered yet comes up almost daily. The evaluation period for Mitchell is going to be a hectic one.

"I have 15 offers right now. I have offers from Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Washington, Nebraska, TCU, SMU, Kentucky, Baylor, UNLV and Colorado that I can remember.

"The offers still seem to just be coming in pretty regularly. There are always coaches trying to communicate with me and get me to call them right now. I think that they can start calling us here in a few weeks."

The college decision for Mitchell will depend on three things. He says that beyond those three things there is somewhat of a desire to go to school that is close to home, or where he once lived, but ultimately he is going to make the best decision for him and go where he needs to.

"I am really looking at the quality of the coaching staff. I am also looking at which position they want me to play. Some schools have said they like me as a defensive end and I want to play linebacker. I also want to be able to play early."

"Distance and staying close to home from me is a little important. I am originally from Orlando, Flor. and I would like to stay in Texas or go to Florida possibly. I am going to make the best decision for me though and if it means to go to another state then it doesn't matter."

The Nebraska offer has been in Mitchell's hands for a while now. He says that the recruiting coach from Nebraska and his father have been talking. Obviously there is a connection with Nebraska and Plano, Texas. Mitchell knows the connection, but liked Nebraska even before Superman went to Lincoln.

"I got the Nebraska offer last month actually. My dad has been talking regularly with the coach that has been recruiting us. I actually really like Nebraska. I like Rex Burkhead. He's from Plano and he's at Nebraska. He's a great player. I have actually always liked Nebraska.

"My dad and I are talking about taking some summer trips, but don't have anything set yet. I would say that Nebraska would be a school we would want to visit and I would put them in my top five right now. I really like Nebraska and want to visit there."

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