Huskers stand out

The state of Arizona has been a good area for Nebraska to recruit. There was a banner year in 2007 for Nebraska when they landed five players from AZ, including players such as Prince Amukamara and Eric Hagg who are both in the NFL now. Nebraska is hitting Arizona hard again for 2013 and they have their eyes on a receiver.

Devon Allen is a 6-foot-1 and 190-pound wide receiver in the falls for Phoenix (Ariz.) Brophy College Prepatory. In the spring Allen doubles as track star running as many as five different events at a meet.

"I am running track," Allen said. "I am doing 100m, 200m, 400m and both of the hurdle events. I finish my race, warm down, stretch, run another race, warm down, stretch out and run another. My best 100m time last year was 10.58."

Obviously Allen has a serious advantage on most defensive backs because of his speed. But what you lose is his height. When you typically have a 6-foot-1 receiver in high school they will have inches on the guys across from them on defense at cornerback.

"I am one of the bigger receivers in the state, 6-foot-1 and 190-pounds, and I am one of the fastest guys on the field. I get open a lot and I have a lot of opportunities to make plays. My coach gives me a lot of opportunities too."

Allen is well into a double-digit offer total. He says that there are three things that he's looking for in a school, but he says that overall he wants to go to a school because he wants to live there and not just for football.

"I have 17 offers I think. I am looking for a great football team, great tradition and great education. It's really going to be based on me wanting to live there for four years. I want to be there as a student and not just a football player."

Allen has gotten out this spring to see a few schools already and he is eyeing another trip in the coming months. This summer though he would like to take a summer trip around his father's hometown area and he plans on making it to California for a combine.

"I have visited USC, Arizona State, Stanford and Washington. I did Arizona's junior day last year. I am going to try and get out to Arkansas. I will try and get to the Midwest this summer. My dad is from Ohio. On May 14 I am going to a Nike combine in Oakland."

The Huskers are one of the 17 offers for Allen. Allen and two other players from the state of Arizona already have a bit of a pact together promising to officially visit Lincoln as a trio.

"Nebraska is one of the most interesting schools to me that have offered. They just started talking to me about a week before they offered. I have spoken with Kenny Lacy and Priest Willis and we decided to all take an official visit to Nebraska together.

"One of my coaches is from Nebraska. He talks to me about Nebraska a lot and has a lot of things in his classroom about Nebraska. I am really interested in them (Nebraska)."

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