Spring game in Lincoln?

Since Terry Joseph joined the staff in Lincoln there have been some obvious signs of his handy work since getting to Lincoln. The number of offers to players from the state of Georgia are up since Joseph joined the staff and this defensive end is one that recently received a Nebraska offer. He says that Coach Joseph has interested him enough to make an unofficial trip to Nebraska in April.

Naim Mustafaa is putting in the work that is required to become the best possible player he can be. The standout defensive end from Alpharetta (Ga.) is working out with his team in the mornings and then works out with a private trainer after school.

"We are working out as a team in the morning," Mustafaa said. "We work out in the morning before school and then after school I work out with a trainer. We lift in the morning and after school I do speed and footwork with the trainer."

When Mustafaa walked off the field after his junior year he knew that there were two areas that he wanted to improve in. "I really wanted to get quicker. I also wanted to work on my pass rush. I wanted to open up my moves more and really work on that Dwight Freeney spin move more."

Mustafaa admits that he's grown as a player on the football field. Early in his varsity career he would say that he was most effective rushing the quarterback. Through the years though he says that he's balanced it out and is effective against the run as well.

"I can get after the quarterback, but I am also able to shut down the run. I would say that I am a balanced defensive end and I can do both equally well. When I was younger I definitely was more of a pass rusher, but I balanced out last year."

There are 20 offers on the table already for Mustafaa and he says that when he does choose a school there will be some very important things that he will consider. The first thing that he will look at is academics.

"I have 20 offers. I am really looking at the academic side first. Second, I am really looking to get a vibe with the coaches, the strength and conditioning coach and also the school. On top of that I am looking for a school with a great football tradition."

Mustafaa has been to four junior days and has some plans to get back to those same schools to see some spring football practices. He is also planning on two trips to see spring games later in April.

"I have visited Auburn, Alabama, Georgia Tech and Georgia for their junior days. I am going to be going back up to Georgia, Auburn and Georgia Tech to see some of their spring practices. I am going to Oklahoma State and Nebraska for their spring games too."

The Nebraska offer is a fairly new one. A recent coaching change at Nebraska influenced the offer and it's also influencing Mustafaa to get up to Nebraska to check it out.

"Terry Joseph is recruiting me from Nebraska and he just left Tennessee. I am pretty cool with him. I am looking forward to meeting their defensive line coach and getting a vibe from him. I am also looking forward to seeing them play.

"I have spoken with him since he went to Nebraska. We have been talking a lot actually. He has told me about the Nebraska program and I like what he is saying about it. I am looking forward to getting there to see it.

"He's told me about the great tradition that they have there at Nebraska. We've been communicating over Facebook and he's sent me some videos of what it's like at Nebraska during a game and also videos of their facilities. I don't know too much beyond that. It has me interested in the school and the Big Ten conference."

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