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It is now week three of spring practice and Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck took a few minutes after practice to speak with the media.

Lincoln, NE - It's almost impossible to determine which is more rare: 90-plus degree Nebraska weather in early April, or the unveiling of a new jersey for the beloved Cornhuskers?

It's official Husker fans, the Cornhuskers will be sporting a new look this year for at least one contest—a look that will surely send shock-waves through a fan base that throws around the word "tradition" like it's the 11th Commandment. But we will touch on that issue in a bit.

It is now week three of spring practice and offensive coordinator Tim Beck took a few minutes after practice to speak with the media.

Overall a good practice

"(Practice) went good," Beck said. "Anytime you come off a scrimmage Saturday and you come out Monday, intensity is sometimes a little bit down. It took us a little while to get things going on both sides I think. But I was pleased offensively."

And the praises weren't limited just for the team.

Ode to the coaching staff

"Those guys are very hard-working and loyal," Beck said. "We don't have to spend a lot of time going over everything; they are getting a better understanding of everything. They're identifying the mistakes faster because they've gone through it and they know what I expect. It's been a lot better. A night-and-day difference."

Taylor Martinez (BRR's Josh Hilkemann)

Camp pays off for QB

Taylor Martinez's trip to "passing camp" over spring break is apparently paying dividends, at least according to his offensive coordinator.

""He looks like a different guy in the passing game," Beck said. "He's had good confidence, poise, presence in the pocket and footwork. Every now and then he resorts back to some things but I've been really pleased with what he's been putting on film."

A quote that ought to be followed by a monumental sigh of relief for Husker enthusiasts all across the state.

Bring on the heat

Beck did comment on how the hot temperatures this spring have been out of the ordinary for this time of year.

"Typically we don't condition for something like this," Beck said. "We don't usually get 88-90 degrees in March and April, but our guys have responded really well. We give them appropriate water and everything. They've been really working hard and battling through. You don't hear guys complaining and it's a great mindset."

But it wasn't the weather that was the hottest topic after Monday's practice.

The Hot Topic: "Futuristic Jersey"

Okay, this is a question that needs to be asked. Is it really that big of a deal that Nebraska is unveiling a new uniform? The answer to that question is obviously a matter of opinion, but one could argue that this is just a sign that Nebraska is moving its program into the 21st century.

Beck didn't spend a whole lot of time on the issue, but he did bring up an interesting point pertaining to recruiting.

When asked by one reporter if it would help in recruiting, he replied, "Sometimes, I guess. It depends on who you're recruiting what they're looking for. You wonder if that's what it takes to woo kids to your program then is he looking at the right things?"

And then, in facetious manner, he followed his statement up with a uniquely profound analogy.

"But certainly if you're buying a car you want to pick the right color, right?"

Nebraska strength coach James Dobson is facing tougher challenges with hotter temperatures

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