Bell: "I would love a jersey change"

Unable to keep a straight face, Kenny Bell began to grin from ear-to-ear when talking about an alternate jersey.

Kenny Bell didn't know that Nebraska athletic dorector Tom Osborne had informed the Associated Press today about Nebraska's new uniform situation, so when he was asked about to give his opinion, he gave a sarcastic response.

"No changes. I want tradition," he said in an extremely patronizing manner.

Unable to keep a straight face, he began to grin from ear-to-ear and gave the hum-drum, politically correct response that every coach dreams of hearing when his player is asked a controversial question.

"I love our jersey's," he said. "I think they're great."

But he wasn't fooling any one. The sarcasm was quite clear at this point.

Finally, one reporter pointed out that Osborne had confirmed earlier that Nebraska would wear an alternate jersey next year for one home game.

"Alright, yeah, I would love a jersey change," he stated enthusiastically. "It's 2012 now. As far as recruiting goes it will really help us."

And that's coming from player who has actually gone through the recruiting process in the 24-hour news cycle. It's common to hear Husker "traditionalists" argue that Nebraska should not take on this new, "Oregon-style" recruiting tactic.

But if it gets talent like Kenny Bell to Lincoln then isn't that the point?

And that's exactly the point of this move—a move that every Nebraskan, young and old, should applaud Osborne for making. It is now the 21st Century, an age of "swagger" and "bling-bling." Just ask Bell.

"I know when I was in high school, I looked at Oregon and was like ‘Oh they're so cool. Look at those jersey's.'"

No, not every player cares about how they look on the field, and Bell acknowledges that. "In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. We're the same team whether we're wearing our scarlet-and-cream or if we come out in all black. Either way we're the same team."

But he does think that some solid, white pants would be a good addition.

And as for those clunky black shoes? "I don't understand the black socks and the black cleats. I think we look great, I just don't understand the black.

"If we came out in solid white or solid red, that would be cool."

- Josh Harvey -

J.C. Reid has worked for Big Red Report magazine and since December of 2011. He is currently a junior at UNL, studying Journalism.
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