Huskers target Georgia OL

There have definitely been some interesting things happening with recruiting since Coach Terry Joseph joined the staff; particularly the flurry of new offers and the states where the offers are going. According to Buford (Ga.) offensive lineman, Josh Cardiello, Coach Joseph and Nebraska would like to get more players from Georgia to Nebraska.

It's spring break for Josh Cardiello right now, but he had five minutes to talk about recruiting. He's somewhere down on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, but he's thinking about what he has coming up around the corner.

"I am busy with track right now," Cardiello said. "Well, not right now. I am on spring break. I am throwing shot though. When I get back to school on Monday we start football in four weeks from then; a little later because of track."

Cardiello left the field after his junior year with a pretty content feeling about his skills, but there was an area that he wanted to brush up on. Buford (Ga.) just brought in a new line coach and Cardiello has been spending quite a bit of time working with him so far.

"I thought that my game was actually pretty good after my junior year except blocking at the second level. I needed to get better at getting to the linebackers. I have been working out with our new line coach and I am interested in trying out some new techniques we have been working on."

If there is an area where Cardiello just needed to add some more polish its run blocking. It's definitely his forte. He gives credit to his hips, his quickness and his attitude on the field. "I have good hips and it helps me with run blocking. I come off hard on the snap of the ball and I just want to hit people."

There are currently six offers on the table for Cardiello. He says that Florida, Georgia, Florida State, North Carolina, South Carolina and Nebraska have all thrown down an offer. He says that he is definitely looking at some key things in his college decision.

"I am going to look at how I get along with the coaches and how they do things there. I am also really focused on just going to a new place and going to school there for four to five years. A lot of my decision will be about how comfortable I am somewhere."

Cardiello did say that there was some desire to stay in a closer proximity to home mainly because of family. However, he says that he's not going to decide to stay closer to home if it feels right at a school that is farther away.

"It's not a huge factor. I'd love for my parents to be able to come to all of my games and see me play. If it feels right at a school that is further away then I can't decide to not go there because it's just too far."

The offer to Cardiello came after Coach Terry Joseph joined the Nebraska staff coming from Tennessee. Cardiello says that Coach Joseph and he have developed a strong relationship and their conversations have turned from orange to red.

"Coach Joseph recruited me when he was at Tennessee. He's told me how much he likes it at Nebraska already and that they are really trying to get players from the state of Georgia to Nebraska. I am going to try and visit Nebraska this summer. Coach Joseph and I are pretty close and I would like to visit there."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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