Three emerging for Alviti?

Three teams from the Big Ten seem to be out front for four-star quarterback Matt Alviti from Park Ridge (Ill.) Maine South. Alviti's head coach, Dave Inserra, breaks down what makes Alviti special as a player, the offense that Alviti has been running for him and give the three teams that seem to be standing out the most right now for the #11 quarterback in the nation.

If you haven't watched the film on Matt Alviti you need to; it's fun to watch. His release is a blur and he's definitely a playmaker. The Head Coach for Park Ridge (Ill.) Maine South agrees and says that Alviti only continues to improve.

"I'd say physical skills," Head Coach Dave Inserra said. "It's his arm strength to his quick release. He has great poise. His feet are always ready to make a throw. He's instinctual. He can feel that back-sde pressure. He's also very elusive."

The offense at Maine South is a spread offense, but it's not predetermined where Alviti is going with the ball based on the play call. There are reads that he must make to make the right throw. It's clear that Matt has mastered the offense too based on the results for Maine South the past two years.

"It's a spread offensive. It's about quick reads and quick strikes. There is the read and during the play that you must make as the quarterback. When Matt was a sophomore we won state. We were upset last year in the second year his junior season.

"It's not an offense that you are going to find and two-back sets. We just don't do anything like that. 90% of the time we are working out of the shotgun. It's an offense that we can do a lot of different things out of."

It's a double-digit offer total for Alviti, but it should be more. Coach Inserra says that a lot of schools have seen the other schools that have offered and haven't offered as a result. There seem to be three teams emerging as favorites and some big schools are continuing to keep tabs on the signal caller.

"I think that he's up to about 10 offers. I know that there are a lot of teams like in the MAC that know they probably can't get Matt so they haven't offered. It's really Nebraska, Michigan State and Northwestern that are the big three right now. Alabama and USC are calling, but no offers."

There have been a couple of trips for Alviti so far this spring and there could be some camps and combines on the horizon. Alviti took part in the Elite 11 last year, but it appears that he will not be able to do it again this year.

"I know that Matt has been to Notre Dame and Michigan State. He did a lot of camps and combines last year like the Elite 11 and a combine in Ohio. He is not going to be able to do the Elite 11 this year because of a team camp in Hoover, Ala. It's something that he hates missing, but it's the type of team mate he is."

There is a connection to Nebraska back to Alviti that is proving to be a big help. Nebraska landed Jordan Westerkamp last year and he is friends with Alviti. According to Coach Inserra the two have spoken about Nebraska and what Nebraska has to offer. According to Coach Inserra, Nebraska is a school that Alviti would like to visit.

"Matt is good friends with Jordan Westerkamp who signed with Nebraska last year. They have been talking a little bit. Everyone knows that facilities are outstanding at Nebraska, but Jordan has been filling Matt in on some of the little things about Nebraska.

"Coach John Garrison has been the recruiting coach for Nebraska with Matt. I know that Matt is talking about taking a visit to see Nebraska and that he wants to make a decision soon. He had one of his options taken away when another quarterback committed to Notre Dame."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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