Nebraska extends offer

The last time that Jerel Morrow was in Lincoln was for Nebraska's opening, spring practice. He came away impressed, but didn't come away with an offer. Just a few weeks after the visit Morrow can say that he has that Nebraska offer now. What does the offer mean to Morrow?

Jerel Morrow, the 6-foot-1 and 180-pound wide receiver/defensive back from Emporia (Kans.), picked up offer #3 last night. Morrow said that technically he might have had the offer for a bit longer than that, but he didn't get it confirmed until last night.

"I confirmed the (Nebraska) offer yesterday," Morrow said. "There was some confusion there. I didn't know if I go an offer or not from Nebraska and I didn't want to go around saying that I had one if I didn't. We got it all straightened out last night."

The offer from Nebraska comes just a month after getting to Lincoln for the first time ever to check out a spring practice. Morrow came away impressed on that visit with Nebraska's facilities, their practice structure and tempo as well as the layout of the campus.

"I am excited and surprised with the offer, definitely. They have great facilities and they are doing some great things in Lincoln. I was up there for their first spring practice this year and really liked the visit. I liked their practice and how everything is close on campus."

When caught up with Morrow following his unofficial visit he didn't know if Nebraska liked him on offense or defense. His film is very impressive on both sides of the ball. After the offer he knows which position Nebraska likes him at now.

"Nebraska likes me as a wide receiver. I am definitely fine with it and I'll do it. I must me doing something right on that side of the ball to get an offer. I will do whatever they need to me do."

Morrow was talking about maybe getting back up to Nebraska for their spring game after his first visit. It sounds like there are still some logistical things that need to happen to pave the way for him to make it up to Lincoln this weekend. "If I can get everything smoothed out I'll be back up this Saturday for their spring game. I should know if I can make it up there by the end of the day."

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