Munson's Thoughts: The downside of rain

The spring game is a big event for Nebraska and the state. It's an opportunity to cheer on the Huskers against the Huskers. Like many others, I appreciate the spring game because you get to see the lower units play, build on the anticipation for the fall, and typically enjoy a nice weekend weather-wise in Lincoln. With the cancellation today there are some positives when it comes to recruiting.

BigRedReport, and to be more specific myself, noted the scheduling conflict today with the national test date for the ACT and the fact that some recruits were unable to make it for the spring game this weekend. That was a bit of a disappointment, but as it turns out there wasn't a spring game today anyway.

That doesn't mean that this weekend is a complete loss; to the contrary actually. All of the recruits were with the team in the locker room preparing for the game and got to spend ample amounts of time with the coaches and more specifically the players.

As a result of the cancellation a bit of an impromptu autograph session was held for the people that did come to the stadium to watch the game. Albeit a consolation the recruits that were around the team and the coaches were also hit up for autographs by the Nebraska faithful; an inclusion to them for being part of the weekend.

According to one of the recruits and his group he is there with in Lincoln there is some time carved out to hang out with the coaches and the team this afternoon because of the cancelation and yet another reason this weekend will be successful. To compare it, I would say that this afternoon will likely be similar to an official visit on a non-game weekend and this is where Nebraska typically scores bit with recruits.

?Every weekend when I call recruits it goes without saying that the fans typically get the nod from the visitors as being the biggest and best part of their weekend. I have no fear that this weekend will be the same despite the fact that there wasn't an actual game.

I know that A.J. Natter, a standout defensive end recruit that is in Lincoln for the weekend, was hoping for more of a "free weekend" in Lincoln. He wanted less structure. More time with the team. More time to just soak it all up. While Nebraska adapted the best they could this type of weekend might have been just what the doctor ordered for that time to just hang out and talk to the players.

It was a loss. I know that while thousands would have been there to see a glorified practice and thousands more would have watched over the Internet and/or the tape delay on the Big Ten Network it will be some consolation to them to know that the weekend for recruiting was a success. It undoubtedly was the best that it could possibly be. We will bring you the latest with all of the recruits as soon as they are available.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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