Gerry rates it a "10"

If you watch the film on Nathan Gerry you see a standout on both sides of the football; the very definition of an athlete with him translating to multiple positions on the football field. Gerry found out where Nebraska saw him fitting at on the football field and might be a step closer to picking up a Nebraska offer.

Nathan Gerry already made the round trip from Sioux Falls to Lincoln and back home again. The standout from Sioux Falls (S.D.) Washington just got back home after going to Lincoln to see a spring game that didn't happen. Still, it was an overall positive experience.

"I just got back about 25 minutes ago," Gerry said. "We left this morning around 6:00 and got there about 10:00. I got a chance to meet some of the coaches and took a tour.

"We found out then that the game was canceled and we went down to the cafeteria. I got a chance to talk to Barney Cotton, who is my recruiting coach, and Coach Ross Els who coaches linebackers."

Gerry said on Friday that Nebraska was talking about "athlete" and hadn't narrowed it down to a position yet. That is still the same story, but he has some idea now where Nebraska thinks he could fit the best.

"They are saying athlete still and they want to see where I could fit the best. They like me best right now as an outside linebacker because they think that I can carry some more weight and keep my speed.

"I am about 6-foot-2.5 and 206-pounds, but I am in track season. I am going to try and put some weight on over the summer. I am fine with defense and linebacker. It's only my first year on defense this past year and I moved from the secondary to defensive end to linebacker."

Gerry and his family left shortly after the game was canceled, but he knows that he will be seeing Nebraska soon. He said that his recruiting coach was going to make it up to his high school during the evaluation period to talk about things and possibly an offer.

"We left after that. Some of the coaches were talking to us about staying a while longer to meet some of the other coaches, but we were going to try and make it back. Nebraska said they would be out in April or May to talk to my coach during the evaluation period."

Gerry said on Friday that Nebraska was his dream school and after a weekend that didn't include a spring game it still couldn't have been a lot better for Gerry. He gave the weekend a perfect rating.

"It was a "10", definitely. I liked everything. They really threat their athletes well. My favorite thing was probably the weight room. I was a little bummed that I didn't see the spring game because they get 60,000 to show up to that game and wanted to see the atmosphere and see the speed of the game."

Nebraska will likely host Gerry this summer during a one day camp to get a closer look at him on the field. After that Gerry said that this fall was looking good to make some trips to Lincoln because of his football schedule.

"I am going to try and get there for summer camp and again this fall for some visits. This year will be a lot better for me to make trips on Saturday because we had a lot of games last year on Saturday and we don't this year."

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