Almost a done deal

Seward Community College point guard Deverell Biggs, formerly of Omaha Central, says his official to Lincoln was a success. When talking to the junior college product, it sounds like he's already committed.

Just tell us about your trip a little bit?
"It's been great. I'm loving it. The team and coaches are wonderful. This is a good sign for me and it's an easy choice for me to. It's just been great."

You were excited about visiting, because your mom was going to be able to see the campus with you. What is she thinking right now?
She's loved it. She can't wait to buy Husker gear. My dad is loving it as well. We have been talking about it and they are loving the whole thing – facilities, the people I would be surrounded by, and the academics."

How nice was it to finally meet Coach Miles face to face?
To finally get to meet him face to face was nice. I get the impression I could talk to him about anything. He's a straight up guy. He likes to talk to you. He seems like he has everything established and has a plan. He definitely knows what he wants. He keeps you alive with his jokes and he's a guy that you seem like you would want to work with."

From the sounds of it, could a commitment be coming?
"Oh yeah, definitely."

What type of timetable?
"I would say probably in the next 24 hours. I know it's going to be this week. I feel like with the way everything went down this weekend, I have a lot of trust in them. This is a great place. The have a lot of trust in me and we are all going to work hard. I feel like a commitment is coming."

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