Nebraska stops by Cardinal Mooney

Just a week or so ago both Marcus McWilson and Courtney Love were in Lincoln for the Nebraska spring game. Now with the evaluation period in full-swing the Nebraska staff returned the favor and was by Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney earlier in the week. Who was there? Who is coming next time?

Last week Marcus McWilson was visiting Nebraska and a week later Nebraska is returning the favor by coming by his school to see him. McWilson said that a coach that knows his family personally was by to see him on Tuesday this week.

"Vince Marrow came by the school," McWilson said. "I want to say that he was there Tuesday. The defensive back coach, Coach Terry Joseph, is coming next week.

"I met Coach Marrow last week in Lincoln, but he's actually a family friend. He went to Cardinal Mooney and is from Youngstown. He knows some of my family and our coach at our school know him real well."

Coach Joseph wasn't at Nebraska when McWilson committed so building a relationship was something that started last weekend in Lincoln. McWilson said that there was a good conversation with the coach starting that relationship.

"The first time that I met Coach Joseph in Lincoln he was really nice and we talked a little bit. The next day he spoke to me and my mother in his office about what he's expecting, being a new coach and how everything is working out.

"I felt like we started to build that nice relationship. He told me how he planned to make us all better as players and he told me how I can make some improvements in what I was doing on the field. We had a great conversation."

When McWilson was in Lincoln one of the things that he said in an interview was that he was going to start to recruit for Nebraska. He's actually been recruiting for Nebraska for some time, but he said that he's going to start working on players in the area next week.

"I haven't started yet. I think with the evaluation period some players' names will come up. I think that I am going to start with players in the area. I will probably start some time next week.

"Of course I am talking to Courtney Love. We're at the same school and I talk to him about it everyday. Nebraska was here to see him as well on Tuesday and not just me."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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