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There are no questions now about the effectiveness of a rained out spring game in Lincoln. The Huskers have now secured two commitments from the visitors that weekend with the second being Courtney Love from Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney. Love talks about his commitment to Nebraska with

The Nebraska staff has reeled in a big one today. Courtney Love, a three-star who is rated as the No. 30 outside linebacker in the country, has chosen the Huskers.

"I committed to Nebraska," Love said. "I have talked about it with my family and we believe that there is a great opportunity there for me at Nebraska.

"It's the opportunity for the education and for football. I know that I can go in there and that I will have the opportunity to show what I can do, learn the game and play.

"When I went down there they made it clear that there was opportunity for me there at Nebraska. If I go in there and work as hard as I can then it will pay off."

Love, who hails from Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney, was in Lincoln last weekend for the spring game. The spring game was canceled and like many thought the cancellation actually allowed the recruits some extra time with the Nebraska coaching staff.

"It felt like home. The coaches really talked to me and were genuine. Because the game was canceled I got the chance to spend a lot of time with all of the defensive coaches one on one.

"I also got a chance to talk to some of the players. There are some players there that went to my high school that I know like Tim Marlowe, Braylon Heard and Mark Pelini. I got to hear what they thought about everything."

Love will become the fifth player on the Nebraska roster from Cardinal Mooney. In addition Pelini, Tim Beck and Vince Marrow are all from Cardinal Mooney as well. Love says that it all lends itself to being comfortable at Nebraska.

"It's because of the coaching staff and Nebraska period. It's the tradition and it's special there. I felt right at home. I liked it there and so did my family.

"Coach Vince Marrow had a big part in recruiting me to Nebraska. He believes that Nebraska is the place for me to be and I take him at his word."

There will undoubtedly be a lot of talk about Love's choice to go to Nebraska over the in-state school, Ohio State. Love knows there will be, but he said that there are also people that believe he needs to go to Nebraska for the right opportunity.

"I think that it will be a big deal to other people. Everyone is used to Ohio State here. Then again, there are people around me that want me to go to Nebraska for the opportunity.

"When I was at Nebraska it was unbelievable. It really just clicked for me. The chemistry was there for me and I just felt comfortable there."

Love's father, Courtney Love, Sr., was in Nebraska for the unofficial visit last weekend as well. He says that he came away impressed with the commitment to the players on the academic side. The academic faculty says that their job is easier because of the commitment by the head coach to the players in the classroom.

"I was really impressed with the academic part," Courtney Love, Sr. said. "I know the counselors said how great Bo Pelini was not only as a coach, but how he follows up on the players academically and holds them accountable. They said he makes their job easier. He's 110% in the corner of the teachers and the counselors when it comes to his players.

"Their facilities are super. I didn't think that anything would be as good as Ohio State, but Nebraska's were great. The fit for Courtney at Nebraska is super. There was talk among people about a promise for playing time. That isn't the case. He told us that if he came to Nebraska it's all set up for him to do the work to graduate and set up for him to work and get on the field. Everything that Courtney would get he would earn."

Mr. Love acknowledges the difficulty in the decision for his son and the odds that Nebraska was up against in choosing to leave the state and not go to Ohio State. He stands behind his son's decision to go to Nebraska and will rest easy because of the people involved with the Nebraska program being there for Courtney.

"We loved everything at Nebraska when we were on our visit. It was going to be very, very difficult to pull Courtney away from Ohio State because they mean that much to him, but he feels it in his heart that Nebraska is the place and I have to agree with him. You don't want your kid to go too far away, but you want what's best for him too. When I go bed at night, I know that he's in good hands."

There have been some Internet rumors flowing around about Ohio State pulling the offer possibly to his son. This decision came down to where Courtney felt like he fit in better.

"Being here in Ohio we hear a lot of different things. We had heard that Urban Meyer wasn't going to honor Courtney's commitment and that's not true. He would have honored it.

"This is just Courtney's decision. There wasn't a problem with the coaches (at Ohio State). He was just impressed with the structure and it was where he fit in the system best and he knew where he would be playing."

Love will be an early graduate and enroll at Lincoln early, allowing him to participate in spring practices in 2013.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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