Dawgs Or Jackets?

His dad played and Georgia Tech but he loves UGA's defensive scheme. What's a guy to do? 2013 4-star DE Naim Mustafaa has a nice dilemma on his hands. It's nice because Mustafaa knows he is between two great choices. Find out his thought process and his plans before he makes his decision between Georgia Tech and Georgia.

Naim Mustafaa is in the midst of an in-state battle. He has Georgia and Georgia Tech tied atop his list.

"I like both schools a lot. I mean, they are both great places to go and I can't go wrong with either one."

Mustafaa's father played at Georgia Tech so he acknowledges he's been to that campus quite a bit.

"I love the education and I'm so familiar with it because I've been there forever. I know I'll be ok with that degree if football doesn't work out. It's big that my dad went there but that's not the only reason I like it. I really just like it there and it could be the place for me."

Georgia has made a strong push for Mustafaa's services, however. He is very keen on the idea of playing for UGA and being a part of a defense he likes.

"I love the UGA coaches. The defensive scheme is great too. It would be really good for me. I would play outside linebacker and I think it could be a good fit. I also like that it's an SEC school. That would be a great conference to compete in."

Mustafaa plans to make an announcement next month. He says he will visit both Georgia Tech and Georgia again before he decides.

"I want to see both schools a couple more times before I announce. It will give me a chance to finalize my choice and figure it all out because I'm still torn."

Mustafaa says he will also take visits to Auburn and Tennessee but he doesn't know when. He maintains that UGA and Georgia Tech have the most realistic chances to land him.

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