Hart will visit Lincoln soon

There is clearly a big need for a couple of tight ends in the 2012-13 class for Nebraska. One thing is also clear about the targets and that is they are looking at some different looking players at the position. Looks like Nebraska is looking for more of an "extra tackle" to stay in and block while Nebraska is also looking for a down the field threat.

Greg Hart has emerged recently for Nebraska fans as a top prospect at the tight end position. Hart, a 6-foot-5 and 255-pound standout from Kettering (Ohio) Archbishop Alter, says that a trip is in the works for Nebraska.

"Yeah, I am visiting Nebraska," Hart said. "I am heading up May 11th. That is the first weekend that I can get up there really."

Hart says that his focus while he's in Lincoln won't be with the facilities or the stadium. He says that he's more interested in getting a chance to meet the people at Nebraska.

"I really just want to get to meet the people when I visit. This is more about the people that I will be surrounded by every day. I would like to meet the whole coaching staff and some of the players."

Hart just picked up his offer from Nebraska a couple of weeks ago when one of the Nebraska coaches stopped by his school. Hart says that he's talked to at least three of the coaches from Nebraska already.

"Coach Vince Marrow was the coach that came through to see me because he's the tight end coach. He doesn't recruit our area, but he came through to see me.

"The Nebraska staff told my coach that they really wanted to get a better look at me and my size. My recruiting coach is actually Coach Ross Els for my area. I talk mostly to Coach Marrow and Coach Bo Pelini."

The approach that Coach Pelini has made with Hart has been genuine; less about football and more about life. Hart says that he liked the conversation and that he's looking forward to doing it again in Coach Bo's office.

"I had a great conversation with Coach Pelini. We really didn't talk about football. We just talked about who you are and the type of person that you are. He's a great person and I like him a lot. I am looking forward to sitting in his office and talking to him."

There is a need for a couple of tight ends in this year's class and the Huskers have Hart pegged to do a couple of things. First, they like him on the line of scrimmage going downfield making catches and second they like him also as more of an H-Back role.

"Nebraska likes me as a down the field tight end, on the line of scrimmage to block and also as an H-Back. They said that they are looking for a couple of tight ends this year and they like me as more of a Y to an H."

If you watch Hart's video you will see a standout on both sides of the ball. He's got a big frame and moves well for a big guy. It's no surprise that there's literally a split of teams that like him on either offense or defense.

"I like both offense and defense and I am being recruited to play both at the next level. Nebraska definitely likes me more on offense and that is how Northwestern and Pitt see me too.

"Some schools say that they like me more on defense though. Teams see me playing anywhere from defensive end to like Notre Dame says that they like me as an outside linebacker."

Hart just took his first visit this past weekend and the trip to Lincoln will be his second trip. He said that he would like to make a third trip, but no date is set on that third visit.

"I have visited Northwestern. I actually was there this weekend. That's it. I have the trip set up to Nebraska and I would like to get out to Pitt at some point."

There is a top four for Hart, but he went a little further and said that two are really standing out in front in that group. At some point after his trip to Nebraska he said that he will really narrow things down a little more.

"Yeah, I like Northwestern, Nebraska, Virginia and Pittsburgh. It's kind of like two and two. I like Northwestern and Nebraska and then Virginia and Pitt. I like them all, but I will be really narrowing things down soon."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine.
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