The Working Man Clears The Air

There is no mistaking Delton Williams work ethic on and off the field. While some have reported Williams is ready to make his college decision, he looks to set the record straight about the Spartans and others he's interested in.

Delton Williams has no problem putting in the work on and off the field. A fulltime student, football player and worker at a local sandwich shop, Williams is one very busy young man.

While he was hoping to make a return trip to Michigan State for their annual spring game this past weekend, Williams's busy schedule forced him to stay home.

"You caught me at the perfect time as I just got off work," said Williams. "I'm doing good right now as I just got done with this five page research paper. I got that out of the way now as I've got to keep my grades up. I'm also studying for my SAT and staying focused."

While some reports had the 6-foot-2, 200-pound native of Erie, Pennsylvania ready to be a Spartan. Williams stressed all such talk is premature.

"As you know my quarterback (Damion Terry) is already committed to Michigan State," said Williams. "He was at their spring game this past weekend and had a chance to meet some of the guys who are going to commit and those who have already committed.

"I know he threw my name out there to let them know I might be committing there, but I've got to take two more visits before I make my decision."

Where is Williams planning on visiting?

"I've got to go to Nebraska and Duke," said Williams. "I go to Nebraska on June 16th or 19th and to Duke at the end of June."

How much pressure is Terry placing on him to be a Spartan?

"Damion is like a brother to me and he's going to give me pressure wherever he goes as he wants me to be with him," said Williams. "But I've got to look at it in my shoes and what is going to make me happy.

"If I'm with him I know I'll be happy, but I've got to look at where I'm going to play at and where I'll be successful. I'm not going to go to Michigan State just because he's going there. I've got to look at everything for myself as this is a big step for me and my future."

As for those who made it seem as if he was ready to make a decision, Williams knows they have a job to do but feels they overreacted a little too fast.

"Yea they were putting it out a little too soon," said Williams. "I was trying to help them and give them a little heads up as to my top three schools. I'm committing but I'm not committing anytime like right now.

"It's coming up soon; however, it's not coming any day or anytime soon. I'm trying to get every detail on each college that has offered me so I can make my own decision. Everybody saying that I was ready to commit to Michigan State was so others would stop contacting me. It's not that way as I'm still open.

"Michigan State is in my top but that can change any day. I could see something I really like at Nebraska and that could make them my top school."

While Williams remains positive about the Spartans and would not surprise this writer if he gave them a pledge in the coming months, you have to be impressed and know when and if he becomes a Spartan he'll be one for life.

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