EYBL Dallas: Day Three - Part A

FRISCO, TX - The final day of the EYBL was the Jonathan Williams show. The Memphis native took his game to a whole new level.

Bobby Portis, PF, Arkansas Wings – Portis had a solid morning despite his team's loss. He was active around the rim, blocked a few shots, rebounded well, and finished inside by dunking everything he could. He didn't show much game in the mid-range, but still he did enough to make an impact and make things difficult on opposing defenses.

Moses Kingsley, PF/C, Arkansas Wings – Kingsley is capable of hitting the mid-range jumper and he showed that on a pair of occasions, and then also was very good running the floor and blocking shots. Kingsley will need to get stronger in time, but still he has a ton of upside, and continues to get better every time he steps on the floor.

Dayshawn Watkins, PG, Arkansas Wings – A true floor leader, Watkins was doing a good job of controlling the pace of the game and making sure the ball got down low to the bigs in the paint. He also mixed in a jumper or two from deep, but mostly it was a solid showing where he ran his team and made sure to get the ball where they had an advantage like a point guard should.

Shannon Hale, PF, St. Louis Eagles – The Eagles had a big second half comeback, and Hale was the reason why. Hale was especially impressive driving right and going by a bigger man and finishing with athleticism at the rim. He then mixed in a pair of perimeter jumpers, and was solid on the defensive glass. The long time Alabama commitment put the team on his back and made plays at a big time.

Stevie Clark, PG, Athletes First – Clark no doubt can take some questionable shots, but the bottom line is when you possess the range that he does any shot is okay. He was hitting from well, well beyond the three point line on the regular, and then showed ability off the bounce. Clark has great body control in the lane so he knows how to draw contact and get to the foul line where he is money. Clearly he is looking for his own shot first, but Clark also mixed in a few nice passes that led to easy buckets for his teammates.

Akoy Agau, C, All-Iowa Attack – It was the first viewing of Agau this spring, and he left a definite impression. Agau is a big presence on the block who has some ability to score off of post moves, and then runs the floor well. An average athlete, he knows how to play and is creative in clearing space for himself. Also Agau showed a decent feel for how to pass from both the low post and the high post.

Sindarius Thornwell, SG, Team United – Thornwell had it working, and did it in a different way than normal. Instead of using his quickness and driving or making shots from deep, Thornwell was taking advantage of a zone defense by going to the high post, and then he also posted up smaller guards. No matter how he did it, when Thornwell got the ball he usually did something good, and it almost always led to two points.

Shane Rector, PG, NJ Playaz – Usually overshadowed by other teammates, Rector was making plays in a big way. The diminutive guard was getting to the rim virtually at will, and then mixed in a few jumpers as well. Now he doesn't always make the best decisions in transition, but still his play was instrumental in allowing the Playaz to make a second half charge and come home with the win.

Kavon Stewart, PG, NJ Playaz – A very fast guard, Stewart has the ability to play on and off the ball given his ability to score from the wing. Stewart prefers to attack off the dribble and make plays that way, but he also showed that he is more than capable of hitting outside shots. Also beyond that he can be a pest on defense who causes havoc with his length and ability to get into passing lanes.

Reggie Cameron, PF/SF, NJ Playaz – Coming into the game Cameron was absolutely on fire from three point range. He was bound to cool off, and that did happen by going 1-9, but with him missing shots that forced Cameron to do other things. Cameron attacked some using the dribble, rebounded a little on the offensive end, and hit a mid-range shot. Showing that diversity to his game when his bread and butter wasn't working was very good to see.

Jonathan Williams, PF, Bluff City – As good as Williams was on Saturday, he was far better on Sunday. The 6-foot-9 forward completely dominated the game. Williams blocked shots, rebounded, finished with dunks, and hit mid-range jumpers. Quite simply there was nothing to be done to stop him. Williams had it working, stayed aggressive all game long, and proved the kind of prospect that he is.

Nick King, PF/SF, Bluff City – The combo forward had another solid, if unspectacular outing. King, who is a very good athlete, finished above the rim and was an absolute terror in transition. Add in that he cleaned the glass and attacked using the dribble, and he made himself someone who was very productive. Surprisingly what he did wasn't loud or flashy, he just found a way to get results and fill up the box score.

Cameron Payne, PG, Bluff City – Payne is a slender point guard who can also play off the ball. What he lacks in strength he makes up for in toughness and creativity. Payne is an excellent shot maker, especially in the mid-range, and knows how to play. Also he is a solid passer who has pretty good quickness. Probably best suited at the mid-level, Payne is someone who could open some eyes during the month of July.

Chinonso Obokoh, C, City Rocks – He was used at the bottom of a 2-3 zone, and was asked to play defense, block shots, and rebound. That is exactly what Obokoh did, and did well. Offensively he is very raw, and didn't show much of a desire to do anything with his back to the basket, but in a class lacking true post prospects, Obokoh is someone who will get a lot of looks given his true size and athleticism.

Andrew Wiggins, SF, CIA Bounce – It almost isn't fair for Wiggins to playing against high school kids, he is just head and shoulders above the competition on most days. Wiggins again was using his great pullup jump shot and elite athleticism. Wiggins just rises above defenders and shoots, and usually makes it since no one can challenge him. Also he is a skilled player who knows how to get to the rim. Overall as usual Wiggins dominated the game and led Bounce to another one to keep them undefeated in EYBL play.

Cameron Payne listed Murray State, Arkansas State, Belmont, and Jacksonville.

Akoy Agau has offers from Nebraska, Creighton, Iowa, and Georgetown. Also he is hearing form Xavier, Tennessee, Florida, and Iowa State.

Reggie Cameron said Miami, Florida, Michigan, West Virginia, Clemson, and Seton Hall are on him the hardest. Only Michigan is yet to offer.

Kavon Stewart rattled off offers from Rutgers, Seton Hall, Cincinnati, Robert Morris, and Massachusetts. Also he noted interest from Temple, Penn State, and Miami.

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