McIntosh Growing Interest

Bryant McIntosh has continued to improve over the spring. His recruitment is beginning to heat up. Learn more inside about who is on him the hardest.

Greensburg, Ind. native Bryant McIntosh might be from a small town, but his game is big.

The six-foot-four guard is beginning to gain more recognition through his solid play this spring.

Although he doesn't hold any offers currently, interest has been varied from low majors all the way to high majors. Michigan, Xavier, Indiana State, and Valparaiso are all in the mix early on for McIntosh.

"It went really well," he said of the April live recruiting period. "I have become a little more aggressive offensively and also defensively I have really stepped it up on defense. I got talking to a couple of the coaches when I called them they said, schools like Xavier, they want me to show people I can really pressure the ball and that's really helped me a lot."

For those who haven't seen him play yet, he brings a solid skill set to the table.

"My strengths are that I can handle the ball," McIntosh said. "I'm kind of a combo guard. I can shoot the ball real well, but I'm getting better at going to the rim and finishing and working on my 10-to-12 footer. My weakness is I need to work on my athleticism and my strength. I just need to get stronger right now."

Travis Steele, a Xavier assistant, has done a lot of legwork with McIntosh's recruitment thus far. The sophomore said that he speaks with Steele at least once a week and enjoys what the Musketeers can provide. He will be visiting the Queen City within the next week and has been on campus before.

"I really like it up there," he said. "I've seen two practices and I've also went and watched their Musketeer Madness. They have a really good program and they've finished the season he past three years in the Top 25. It's a really good program right now and they're doing a really good job."

The keys to making his decision are directly tied to success both in-and-out of the classroom.

"I want to make an NCAA Tournament run," he said. "You don't get that chance very often and I'd like to have that opportunity.

"Where I fit in best, what kind of offense they run, what kind of coaching staff they have, what kind of players they have. I also want to get a really good education because I can't play basketball the rest of my life, unfortunately."

Although he doesn't have any offers, that will likely change very soon. Being as he's so early on in the process, a timetable has not been created for a decision, but he wouldn't rule out an early commitment.

"I don't really have a time where I've thought about when I'll commit," he said. "Honestly, I'll probably just look at it and if I find a school early that I feel I would fit in well with and everything looks good, I will probably commit there. I haven't sat down and said I would commit before this time, though."

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