Rose not looking to redshirt

It's finally time for players like Michael Rose from the 2012 recruiting class to hit Lincoln. Come inside as BRR talks with the soon to be freshman.

How are you feeling about your freshman year?
"It seems to be coming really fast. It seems like a little bit ago I had months left until I had to move to Nebraska, but now I am closing in on single digits. I am also getting butterflies. Just to think that everything I have worked for, and all my goals, are coming true."

Michael Rose was a high school All-American in 2011
What are you most looking forward to your freshman year?
"Just the whole college experience in general, and to get to play Division I football. Also getting the chance to be more independent and get to start to truly become a man."

Physically what have you been doing to get ready?
"I have just been remaining in shape, and working out when I can. I know when I get there the coaches and trainers are going to make to work hard to make sure I am ready."

Have you talked to any other Nebraska signees?
"Yeah I have made contact and talked too most all of them. We are all excited for each other and hope that some of us will get the chance to play."

Are you going to get the chance to play your freshman year or do you think you will redshirt?
"I don't really want to redshirt. The coaches are really hoping I can come in and compete, and help out in any way. I may not be able to start, and I might not be able to be a back up, but hopefully I do enough to show I deserve to play, even if its just on special teams."

How has your life, and the recruiting process stopped since you signed with Nebraska?
"The recruiting has mostly all stopped, I still talk to some coaches from other schools, but that's because I gained a good relationship with them, but I am just really focusing on getting to Nebraska and contributing."

Do you have any updated info on your height or weight?
"I am still marked as the same height, but I believe I know weigh from 228 to 229 pounds."

- Josh Harvey -

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