Putting in the work

Avery Moss is just days away from being on Nebraska's campus to start his college career.

With his freshman year coming up fast, Avery Moss has been hard at work preparing himself for college football.

"I have been trying to pack on a lot of weight," said Moss. "It may not be good, but I don't want to come in being like I was during basketball season."

Adding weight was one of the big things that the coaches wanted Moss to work on before arriving to college, and he has been accomplishing that by hitting up the weight room at his high school as much as he can.

Moss is hoping he will be able to contribute to the football team as soon as possible.

"Hopefully I can come in and play early," said Moss. "I may need to develop and learn though."

Ultimately the decision on if he plays early or not will depend on if the coaches think he is ready.

Moss has developed a good relationship with Coach John Papuchis, but Papuchis was promoted to defensive coordinator, so now Coach Rich Kaczenki will be his defensive line coach.

"I have talked to Coach Kaczenski a little bit, but he has been really busy lately," said Moss. "He is definitely someone I think I will be able to learn under though."

Coming from Arizona there is multiple differences that Moss will experience once he moves to Nebraska, but the one he thinks will be the biggest difference for him may surprise some fans.

"I am expecting the weather to be the biggest difference," said Moss. "I know the winter will be a lot different, and I heard it's a lot more humid up there."

Instead of choosing living on his own, like most college freshman view as the biggest change, he chooses the weather, but that may be because he won't be alone to often.

"I have talked to some of my fellow signees," said Moss. "They are good dudes, people I would like to share a team with."

Even being miles away Moss is still able to form new relationships with future teammates he hasn't met, and coaches he barely knows.

- Josh Harvey -

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