Shrine Bowl Q&A: Dylan Utter

Husker walk-on Dylan Utter talks about his experience so far at the 2012 Nebraska Shrine Bowl.

What's this week been like so far?
It's been really hot. The defense has been doing really good, but the offense has been clicking.

It takes a little longer to install the offense doesn't it?

What are the biggest things you have been working on in the offseason?
I have been trying to cut weight because the coaches wanted me down to 295 pounds before summer camp.

Are you close?
At the beginning of camp I was 305 pounds, so close.

What are you looking forward to the most Saturday?
Just showing everyone how good our defense is. We are pretty stacked.

What's it like to come out here and play against other elite talent in the state? Is it a chance to measure you?
Yeah, it's a good measuring tool to see how good you really are compared to the best prospects in Nebraska.

Who out here has caught your eye?
Mike Shoff actually has proven himself to me, we went to camp where he was just an average player, but he has been really good lately. Also on defense the linebackers like Simpson and Janovich have impressed me.

How much interaction do you have with the other Husker walk-ons?
I think we have a good connection. We all talk a lot, also a lot are on the south squad so we have been hanging out in our free time just chilling and watching the NBA playoffs, and stuff like that.

Is that something you will take away from this weekend? Not just practices, but the time you guys have spent off the field?
Yeah, that's probably the most fun part, just getting to know everyone and hang out.

- Josh Harvey -

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