Shrine Bowl Q&A: Jordan Nelson

Omaha Burke running back rushed for 1,791 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2011. The recently graduated senior is taking his talents and walking-on at Nebraska, but first he's playing in the Nebraska Shrine Bowl this weekend.

What are you most excited for in college?
Getting to know everybody, and famous guys like Rex Burkhead, I think he will be a great guy to meet. I haven't met most of the guys, but getting along with them and the coaches, that's going to be fun. Also just getting to school and seeing what the college experience is like.

What have you been doing both physically and mentally to prepare for college football?
A lot of talking with my dad, he went there is the 80's. He has been telling me how to prepare, like workouts, and about the whole college experience. He has made sure I keep my head on straight and stay focused with the game at hand, and to accomplish as much as possible these next five years.

Do you think the coaches will work you pretty hard in college?
Yeah, I feel like it will be a lot tougher than high school. I felt like I worked really hard in high school, but know I have to step my game up, its going to be a whole different level of play.

From the ones you have talked to, what do you think of the Nebraska coaches and players?
I feel like they are a great group of guys, I have talked to Ron Brown, he is a religious guy and seems to know what he is doing, they just seem like a great group of coaches. I haven't really talked to any of the players, but I think Ameer Abdullah seems like a great guy. I haven't met or talked to him yet, but I really looked up to him this past year.

Why walk-on to Nebraska when you had scholarship offers to other schools?
I think I have the best opportunity at Nebraska. They have a great program, and a great school. I looked at it as a great opportunity to become a better person.

What did it feel like to set your schools single season rushing record this past season?
It was great, but it wasn't my main goal. My main goal was to get to state for my team. I try to be a team player, and wanted it for them, but setting the record was also pretty cool.

How has the whole Shrine Bowl experience been for you?
It's been fun. I wish I had known these guys longer; they are a great group of guys. Also going to the hospital and seeing the kids really inspired me. We had fun and did some activities with the kids. Now I'm waiting for it to be done just so I can say I played in the Shrine Bowl.

Have you gotten to meet the other Nebraska walk-ons here? What do you think of them?
We have all talked about what it will be like this up coming year. They are fun guys, and all, especially Graham Nabity, have their heads on straight. A lot of these guys also have the same goal of just getting in and getting ready.

- Josh Harvey

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