Darius Walker - Have offers, will travel

Location, location, location. It's said to be the key to a successful business. You put it in the right spot, there ya go. When it comes to recruits from the south, it's somewhat similar in that most of them are more likely to stay pretty close to home, the southern schools having a distinct advantage. That's a big question about Darius Walker, because with all the offers he's getting from so many places around the country, is he willing to travel to play? He talked about that and more.

Darius Walker is just getting more and more popular every single day. It may be the "quiet time" in recruiting for coaches, but it's hardly quiet, Darius getting inundated with phone calls from pains in the butt like us. Nothing squashes this kid's spirits though as he seems as chipper now as the last time I talked to him, lo those many hours ago. Ok, just kidding. It's been over a month.

And, in that month, what's happened with Darius? "The offers are up to about thirty-something right now, so it's getting pretty high." Walker stated. Offers from well, pick the major school and you can just about say ‘yeah, they've offered him'.

Teams like Georgia that are just a hop, skip and a jump from where he lives, to teams like Stanford that are a hop, skip and a jump if you are the now-ultra-popular, Incredible Hulk. Choices like that, that give Walker the option of literally one coast or the other prompts one simple question from me. Can Darius Walker be lured out of the South or will he go to the place he likes best, but that place having to reside within that region? This is what he had to say.

"Location is really not a factor for me." Darius said. "I am going to pick the right school regardless of where it is, because my parents said they would support me, whether it's here or two or three thousand miles away."

Ok, distance not a factor, so let's go over Darius' updated list of favorites and of course, these are in no particular order. "It would probably be Notre Dame, Nebraska, Ohio State, Southern Cal, Florida, Arkansas, Michigan, Maryland and probably LSU." he said.

You know as well as I do that recruiting reporters, analysts or whatever you want to call us, we have to have a top five. Well, maybe "have to" is a strong way to put that, but top five lists are just so neat and tidy and it just happens to fit the amount of official visits each recruit is allowed to take. So, me being that pain in the butt I am, I asked if someone asked him to name the schools where he would take officials to right now, if he were so prodded to do so, this is what he had to say.

"Oh, I don't know." Darius said. " I am not sure right now where I would take them, but I would say that Nebraska would be one, just because I owe it to myself to go check them out because they were a childhood favorite."

"Outside of that, I don't know, but I know that wherever I go, I want to see a family atmosphere with the coaches and players, because that's what I am used to now. I want to see how the school is to, of course."

One interesting part about having all the offers Darius has, with the anticipation of it being more as the season goes along, is that it gives any one player the luxury of knowing that there isn't any pressure to commit now, because so many schools want him, chances are most are willing to wait, at least awhile.

While that is true for the most part, Darius looks at that as a bonus, but not necessarily a motivation to let the process play itself out all the way to February. "If I found the right school, I suppose I could commit early." Darius said.

Before you get to excited though, let's clarify what "early" means, at least for Walker. "Our season usually overlaps like into December." Walker stated. "We could still be playing well into December and the championship game is like three or four days before Christmas, so I would probably be taking my official visits after Christmas."

That's right, calm down. No before-season-wishes of a commit and nothing happening during the season other than the season itself, so sit back, relax and know that while Walker will be doing anything but sitting during his final prep-year, he's sitting on any ideas of a decision until at least January, that based on Darius taking all five official visits, each consecutively, one weekend to the next.

Now, that's a run-on sentence.

Either way, stay tuned for our next update on Darius as we know that he's only going to get more popular, he's only going to get more coverage and once the coaches can contact him during the season, he's probably going to get another phone after he has tossed his current one out of the window.

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