"I want to commit to..........."

When you know it's right, it's right. That's pretty darn corny, isn't it? Well, that depends on what you are talking about. If you are talking about recruiting, looking at schools at the next level and evaluating what you want to do, where you want to go and what's important to you, that isn't corny at all, because sometimes, it's just that simple. When it's right, its' right and D.T. McDowell says he has a darn good idea of where he wants to go, but needs to know that it is indeed "right".

Tucker high school in Tucker, Georgia has been home to some pretty impressive players. Not the least of which was RB, Jabari Davis who I personally considered probably the most impressive player that year on film, along with Reggie Williams. In short, Tucker isn't a stranger to great players.

They've got at least one more in D.T. McDowell, a slender, nimble and strong-armed QB that led his team to a 12-1 record last year. D.T.'s versatility helped in that , McDowell passing for 14 touchdowns and running for 13 more. That's a big reason for the offers he has, D.T. reporting that amongst them are teams like LSU, Clemson, Auburn and Nebraska.

Another reason or I should actually put that in the plural sense is what he describes as a physical and mental will to win. "First, I have a strong arm." D.T. said. "My friends dared me to a contest one day and I threw it from the end-zone to the fifty on one knee."

"Also, I do what I have to do to keep my team up. If I need to talk, I talk. If I need to do something, that's what I do. Anything I can do to make the team better and be a better leader, that's what I am going to do. I'll do anything for a win."

Those are a couple of solid reasons as to why those offers have been extended, not to mention that oh-so-valuable "up-side"

The other up-side is if you are a Nebraska fan. I spoke about that feeling of when it's right, well, D.T. McDowell is waiting for that feeling, but the feeling he has right now points directly to one team. "I want to commit to Nebraska right now to be truthful about it." D.T. said. "I just want to wait a little bit, look around and make sure it's right."

Outside of Nebraska fitting a player like D.T. and his abilities, you might find it odd (if you don't know already) just why he was so impressed with NU when he went there to camp. "I have told everyone that what really sold me was when Solich (head coach, Frank Solich) went out for a pass." he said. "I was like, ‘he's too old to be doing that', but he went out there, ran a pattern and I hit him right on the money."

NU's head coach actually running a pattern not only surprised D.T., but he came away from the entire experience impressed. "The coaches are great there." he said. "Like I said, I would commit right now and I will probably commit before the season, but I have to make sure it's right."

"Nebraska is definitely number one though."

When it's right, it's right. That's rhetorical of course, but you can empathize with D.T. if not about the exact situation, something else that compares, at least as far as importance. It's important to D.T. So important that a school that is about as close to a "lock" as you can get for his services, still won't get a verbal, at least not yet.

That could leave Husker fans chomping at the bit and a bit nervous at the same time as time usually isn't kind to those in waiting. It's time D.T. has to take though, because he knows what his ultimate decision means.

"It's my life, so I have to be sure. I would love to commit to Nebraska right now, but I need to make sure, look around, check things out and if I still feel that way, I know I won't regret the decision."

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