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Dwayne Jones is a running back of intrigue this year. Size-wise, he makes you think of one of the most touted running backs in the country from a few years ago, Jabari Davis, an eventual Tennessee commit. While I won't compare Jones to Davis just yet, Jones' size alone in combination with his speed make him a definite physical threat. Add to that his speed and stats from last year, rushing and receiving, intrigue becomes excitement, especially for Jones himself.

This season marks a time for all seniors-to-be to jot down their goals, work out a measurable wish-list and get ready to make a statement as to who they are and what they can do.

Jones is no different as this is his year to shine, but his goals are simple and have nothing to do with numbers. "I'm not that kind of guy." Jones stated. "I don't worry about the numbers. I just go out there and play as hard as I can and try to help the team win."

Team-first attitude: Check

The numbers may not be a big deal to Jones, but you are a recruitnik, so you are very into those numbers for certain. First, let's correct one and give you the rest. His height is a reported 6'1". For once, a player corrected me, but not to say he was taller than what was reported. "No, I'm not 6'1"." Dwayne said. "I'm right above 5'11" right now."

That does change things quite a bit, at least in how you look at Jones. As I remarked, that's why I looked at him like the aforementioned Jabari Davis as during Davis' senior year, he played at 5'11" and 230 lbs. Thus, the similar frame and Davis had tree-trunks for legs. Jones isn't much different as he describes one of his strengths, his strength. "I can take you head-on if that's what you give me." Dwayne said. "I can go through you if that's what I need to go to get downfield."

Jones' running ability doesn't stop there though as his physical size would dictate a bull-rush mentality, that's actually not what he likes to do the most. "If someone is one-on-one with me, I would try to go around them first." he said. "Usually, I just let him make the move and I do the opposite, but my first thought is to just fly by them."

That kind of speed combined with that size is a rare and interesting combination. It's one that Dwayne says serves him not just for one play, but helps him set up defenders for an entire game. "Early in the game, I just like to run into people and over them, just to soften them up." Dwayne said. "After that, they expect you to hit them and that's when you just go around them and fly on by."

Ability to play smart: Check

Last year, Jones averaged around 9 yards a carry and scored 14 times, all that in just 6 games.

The teams interested in Jones grows longer, but his list though varied seems to have narrowed somewhat. While Dwayne didn't say that there was a concrete three, he did say that if he had to choose five officials, they would be to Ohio State, Boston College, Miami, Penn State and Michigan. While that isn't a concrete determining factor in who Dwayne ultimately likes, it gives you a pretty good idea.

As stated before, the goals for Dwayne this year are simple, but even with an attitude that indicates a straight-forward manner, Dwayne admits that this process could end up with him thinking of all kinds of teams, from all types of places. "I'm not in a hurry." Dwayne said of making his decision. "I'm worried about my high school season more than anything."

"I think about the colleges, but once my season starts, I probably won't think too much on it until it's all over with and then, I will just take my visits and see where everything stands after that."

Jones has a reported 2.9 GPA.

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