Nebraska Shrine Bowl Q&A: Mitch McCann

Future Husker walk-on Mitch McCann talks with Big Red Report about his Nebraska Shrine Bowl experience.

What has surprised you here at the Shrine Bowl?
"How hard it actually is. All the practices make you really sore, and it's hard to get up every day."

What are you most looking forward to in college?
"Getting down there, getting ready to go, and meeting all the guys."

What are you doing physically and mentally to prepare for college?
"I have been lifting and going to Going Vertical in Omaha."

What are your thoughts on the coaches and players you have talked to?
"I like them a lot, they are down to earth and hard noised, and that's how I like it."

Are there any that really stood out to you?
"Yeah my positions coach really stood out."

In the state championship you recorded a game high 9.5 tackles. Do you perform best on the biggest stage?
"I have always believed that big time players show up in big time games, so I just always try to do that."

What are your thoughts about the whole Shrine Bowl experience?
"I wasn't to sure coming into it, but I really enjoy it. I have met a lot of new guys, and got to meet all the other Husker guys, so that has been fun."

What are your thoughts of the other Husker guys playing with you?
"They are all great guys and great players. I am excited to get down to Lincoln and play with them."

Are there any players on your team who have really stood out to you?
"Definitely Sam Foltz and Ryker Fyfe, and a lot of other guys on this team have impressed me."

- Josh Harvey -

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