Armstrong looking to prove himself

It's that time of year again. Nebraska signees are hitting campus for the Huskers bridge program, hoping to impress and learn from the upperclassmen. Come inside as BRR talks with Tommy Armstrong just shortly before he hit campus.

After ending his senior season with a tough loss in the Texas 5A State Championship, Nebraska quarterback signee Tommy Armstrong is putting that all behind him and getting ready for college.

"It took me a few weeks to get over it," said Armstrong. "But it makes me work harder every time I go out on the field and think about the lose."

Hard work and good personalities are things that Armstrong believes in, and things that he looks for in players. That is one reason why Armstrong cannot wait to get to college, there are a lot of athletic guys who have great personalities, and work hard.

"Taylor Martinez is a really athletic guy with good characters," said Armstrong. "He isn't distracted at all, and he looks like a leader.

"Right now I really want to throw to Jordan Westerkamp and Kenny Bell," said the future Nebraska quarterback. "I have seen those guys, and seen what they can do and I am really excited to just get out and throw with them."

Armstrong is not only excited to throw with Westerkamp, but also just excited to meet and move in with him, since the two of them will be rooming together their freshman year.

"We have been getting closer by talking to each other," said Armstrong. "Which is good because we are going to be like family now. He is my roommate, so we have to be close, because one day I might be throwing the ball to him."

Armstrong knows that nothing is set in stone when it comes to him getting to play, and he is not bothered by the high expectations people in Nebraska have for him.

He is used to having high expectations set upon him, because all throughout high school, both students and people of the city, expected him to succeed.

"I am just going to compete," said the freshman. "I have to go up and prove myself before I am given anything, but when it is my time I won't let anybody down."

- Josh Harvey -

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