Lincoln is a second home to Ward

Tyrone Ward, a junior college linebacker from San Francisco (Calif.) City College, made a stop off in Lincoln yesterday before he returns back to school on Monday to start his last summer session in junior college and get going on his summer conditioning. What were his thoughts about the visit to Nebraska?

Tuesday was a busy day in Lincoln for the Nebraska staff. Not only were there summer camps and players to tend to, but they had an unofficial visitor in town. Tyrone Ward, from San Francisco (Calif.) City College, also has some very strong ties back to the program in Lincoln.

"I am still in Lincoln right now," Ward said. "I have a lot of ties back to Nebraska. Ricky Simmons, a Nebraska wide receiver from 1979-1983, is my uncle and Rickey Thenarse is my cousin. Nebraska is like a second home, you could call it.

"I got some looks from Nebraska out of high school, but didn't visit Nebraska. I have been here one time before just to see Nebraska for fun. It was nothing like what I got to see today by going to the school and getting the tour."

Ward was paired up with a player that showed him around all of the football facilities. After that he was able to spend some time with the athletic director and the academic support people. He said that the visit was good overall.

"When I first got there they showed me the locker room, the coaching offices, the indoor facility, the weight room and I watched film of the team last year. I sat down with a player to talk about the defensive scheme and we talked about the depth chart. It was a real good experience.

"I got a chance to sit down with the athletic director, Tom Osborne, to talk about the football program. I also got to speak with the head of the academic support center. I learned a lot. I met with a lot of people over the day."

According to C.C.S.F. linebacker coach Lance Mitchell, who played for Bo Pelini at Oklahoma in the early 2000s, Ward is a player that will fit in nicely with what Bo does with his defense. The question now is how bad does Nebraska really want him?

"Nebraska is interested, but I don't have a sure feeling of how much. After today, spending the whole day there, I got a great vibe from them. I can tell that they wanted me and I could really call Lincoln home and become a Cornhusker."

Other than a vibe there weren't any talks about a potential offer that Ward received yesterday from Nebraska. That doesn't mean that Nebraska won't offer, but it sounds like Nebraska is interested in keeping an eye on Ward to see how he progresses this season.

"I don't have an offer from Nebraska, yet. Before I spoke with the head coach, all of the other assistant coaches have told me that they like my film and they like my size and they were just waiting to see me in person.

"I guess that Rickey has been telling the coaches about me. They really just wanted to see me. The vibe that I was getting from all of the coaches and staff was just positive. They like that I can leave in December, that I come from C.C.S.F. and that players like Dejon Gomes came from here and they know what kind of a player he was."

Ward will be heading back to school next week because of the start of the summer session. More than just school starting back up C.C.S.F. will begin to regroup to see if they can repeat this year as champions.

"We start our summer session this Monday. We got a month off, we ended in May, but it will feel good to get back and workout with the team. We need to start toward repeating as National Champions."

Nebraska was the only school that Ward took the time and the money to come out and visit in the short amount of time that he had off. He's hoping to have another chance to visit Nebraska this fall, but this time on their dime for an official visit.

"This was the only visit that I took this summer. I am not planning on taking any other trips to any schools before I have to report back to C.C.S.F. Hopefully I will be able to take an official visit back to Nebraska this fall."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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