NU Recruit Update - QB, David Wolke

With Nebraska already having one QB/Athlete verballed, the question remains how many more will Nebraska take? There has been speculation among many that Evridge was recruited more as his talent as an athlete rather than his prowess as a quarterback. One more? At least. Two more? More than likely.

I spoke with a young man that Steve Ryan did a feature on a few weeks ago, David Wolke. While The Insiders doesn't currently have him rated, expect that to change over the upcoming months. This young man has been to more camps than any other recruit I've ever spoken with six, so far. And looking to add 2 more before the summer is over.

Among his list of camps several stick out "I went to the Elite 100 QB camp in Vegas, that was great, I also went to the Western Kentucky 7 on 7 camp where we won the championship going undefeated." He still believes there is a camp at Michigan he would like to attend, visiting Notre Dame on the way there or on the way back.

I could bore you with stats and figures about David, but David has taken care of that for me, which makes my job a lot easier. Just visit, there you can find all of his measurables, some game footage, and his stats from his previous seasons as well.

But now to the fun part that all of us recruiting junkies live for…offers.

"I have a lot of schools that say I have an offer, but nothing in paper from most of them. Right now Wisconsin is the only school to put it on paper." But this is where things get impressive "Nebraska says I'm their #1 target, Michigan says I'm their #3 target, Syracuse says I'm their #1 target" Add to this list Alabama, Wake Forest, and Ole Miss to those who covet David's ability as a signal caller.

David has no favorites, but when these offers become written expect things to change. "Right now there's no hurry, I don't have a favorite. Just want to go to a school with a good reputation and a great tradition of winning."

Where does this leave Nebraska? 40 years of winning is a good tradition, but last year sticks in the mind of a lot of people. "Every one has a down year. When I look at tradition it's going to be like the past 10 years or so. One bad year is just that, one bad year."

David at this point is unsure of where he will take his visits at this time.

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