Popularity is soaring - OL, Aaron Klovas

Every prep-star around has their way of doing things. Depending on which position and side of the ball it is, they have their approach, mentality and no doubt, some personality traits mix in there as well. Aaron Klovas' approach to the game has been simple, but it's simplicity belies the complexity he puts into the game. Based on the attention Aaron is getting right now and the offers that keep pouring in, it looks like his approach works just fine for him and for just about anyone else as well.

Offensive Line has an image. Big stupid guys that run around and push people to the ground. "Back in the day", that might have been accurate as the offensive schemes were about as complicated as the recipe to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Not anymore.

In today's world of football, it's the offensive linemen that have to be some of the smartest guys on the field, their play books usually the thickest of any position player on the team. Smart, athletic, quick, strong and big doesn't hurt. Aaron fits all that and more. Plus, he's got what they call "skills". "I"m a big guy of course, but I am really athletic, have real good feet and I love to pull." Aaron said.

He loves to pull? What offensive linemen doesn't? Heck, that's when the big guys in the middle can get up, build up some speed and smack some of those glory-hogging defensive players. That's the best for offensive linemen and like any other lineman I have ever talked to, Aaron agreed whole-heartedly. "It's just a great feeling when stuff like that happens." he said. "It's just great when you know you can knock the hell out of them and not get in trouble for it."

That's pretty funny, don't you think? What is equally humorous (at least to me) is that Aaron has no delusions of his position being that one of envy, all youngsters aspiring to be you. "It's the crappiest job on the field." Klovas said of being an offensive lineman. "You have to be everything, smart, physical, fast and all that, but it's what's going to pay for my college, so that's it."

After looking at his list of offers, you can understand if Aaron is rather comfortable with knowing that paying for college isn't something he isn't going to have to worry about. One thing though about those offers, is if you look at those three schools from outside of the western region (Nebraska, Northwestern and Michigan State), you might be prompted to ask with everyone else that's offered him (add Stanford, Arizona State and UCLA to that list), why only those three schools. There's a reason. "Those are the only three schools in that area that my coach sent film to." Aaron said. "It's kind of funny about that, but when I talk to coaches about my film, some say all they had to do was see like the first three plays of me pulling and that was all they needed to see."

With all that in mind, if Aaron's coach does decide to turn into Publisher's Clearing House when it comes to sending these films out, it might be like Publishers as the offers come right back.

That's for the future though and though five minutes could be defined technically as "the future", Aaron's decision is a lot further away than that. It isn't as if he is waiting for more offers, though he admits that getting additional offers, especially from schools like Miami (Florida) would be nice, that's not his main concern. "For right now, I will probably never make a more important decision in my life than where I go to school." Aaron said. "So, I am fine with taking my time and seeing how it all goes, so I don't screw up and end up miserable at some place for the next four or five years."

Aaron wasn't willing to name a favorite, so for the sake of having a list you can look at to evaluate how your team is doing and of course, the competition, whatever you see the list of those that have offered him, those are the teams he is looking at right now.

Now, isn't that simple? If Aaron keeps this philosophy up, by the end of the his season, his list of favorites could be longer than my arm.

It looks like his approach does indeed work "just fine" after all.

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