By the Numbers: Taylor Martinez

College quarterbacks are often remembered for two things - bowl wins and championships. Currently Nebraska starting signal-caller Taylor Martinez has neither under his belt, but the junior is still solidifying his name among the great Husker quarterbacks of all-time.

Nebraska starting quarterback Taylor Martinez has solidified himself as one of the NCAA's top dual threat quarterbacks, and is already putting himself in Nebraska's record books after only playing in two seasons.

Martinez ranks sixth on Nebraska's list of top quarterbacks for career passing yards, surpassing Husker greats Tommie Frazier and Turner Gill last season.

The junior now has 3,720 career passing yards, which is 2,130 yards less then current No. 1 Zac Taylor, who had 5,850 yards. In 2011, Martinez threw for a career high 2,089 yards, so if he can throw for 42 more yards than he did last year as a sophomore, he will become Nebraska's new all-time passing yards leader with a senior year to help pad his stats.

Along with passing, Martinez also posses as a threat to defenses with his legs, recording 1,839 rushing yards in his first two seasons, which places him at fifth among Nebraska quarterbacks.

Husker great Eric Crouch currently holds the record of 3,434 career-rushing yards. In order to break this record, Martinez will have to rush for 1,595 yards in the next two seasons, which amounts to 797.5 yards each season. This is a very possible feat for Martinez, who has rushed 800+ yard in both his freshman and sophomore seasons, to complete.

After recording the top offensive seasons in school history as both a freshman and a sophomore Martinez is now ranked at third place on the career total offense list with 5,559 yards. If Martinez can continue on the path he is currently on, averaging 2,779.5 yards his first two seasons, he will have no problem becoming Nebraska's all time leader on the career total offense list with 11,118 yards, a record that is currently held by Crouch, 7, 915 yards.

Along with being on track to break Crouch's all-time career total offense record, Martinez has the opportunity to break Crouch's all-time touchdown record, which is currently 88.

In his first two seasons, Martinez has racked up 44 total touchdowns (22 in each season). At this rate he is on track to tie Crouch's record, but could very easily add a couple touchdowns to either his junior or senior season to break the record.

With two seasons to go in his college career, Martinez is on pace to break most passing records and rushing records held by Nebraska quarterbacks. Now if Martinez can add a National Championship or even a Big Ten Title to his resume, he may be considered one of the best players ever to wear a Husker uniform.

- Josh Harvey -

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