Could Nebraska offer?

The quarterback position in the 2013 class is under the microscope. Nebraska has already extended a number of offers to high school recruits only to have the majority of them choose other offers. There are still a couple considering Nebraska, but even then Nebraska will more than likely take two quarterbacks this year. Could Johnny Stanton possibly get a Nebraska offer?

The heat is on for Nebraska to identify and land a quality quarterback or two in the 2013 class.

One player that could be on the cusp of getting a Nebraska offer is Johnny Stanton. Stanton, a 6-foot-2 and 205-pound quarterback from Santa Margarita (Calif.) says that he is up for Nebraska just for the day.

"I got into Omaha late last night," Stanton said. "This is the third day of Nebraska's quarterback academy and I got here about 9:00 this morning. I was really working out for the most part.

"Coach Tim Beck watched me in their indoor practice facility and I threw for about an hour maybe an hour and a half. I kind of lost track of time in there. I thought that I threw real well though."

But it wasn't just an audition for Stanton. The soon to be senior was give some things to work on with his mechanics.

"I think that Nebraska thought that I did well here working out for them. Coach Beck pointed out some things to me about my mechanics and he gave me some things to work on."

There has been limited dialogue between Stanton and Nebraska before today. Stanton knew that the Huskers came to his high school to see him, but had never really spoken with any of the coaches from Nebraska before.

"I haven't talked to Coach Beck or any coach from Nebraska a lot before today. I know that they came by to see me at my school, but that was about it."

Stanton has limited time on campus today so it's been very full of talking to the coaches, working out and seeing what he can. From what Stanton has seen he has been very, very impressed. He also like the idea of the dedicated fan base at Nebraska.

"I am sure that you hear this from all of the recruits, but the facilities really are amazing at Nebraska. It's impressive what they have done here recently with their new facilities.

"I had a talk with Coach Rich Fisher and he was telling me about how active the fans are how they just love the football team. I really like that idea about Nebraska."

Stanton had just finished up a meeting with Coach Tim Beck following his work out. There isn't a Nebraska offer on the table yet to Stanton, but Nebraska has asked him to stay in contact over the coming days so that could change at any moment.

"I actually just got out of talking to Coach Beck. I didn't get an offer, but he said that they are very interested and that I am supposed to stay in contact with them over the next couple of days."

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