Colin Mertlik, Working Hard

Blair athlete Colin Mertlik participated in Nebraska's camp last week and worked out at multiple positions.

Working hard, and finding a place that feels right are important agendas for Blair athlete Colin Mertlik this summer.

Mertlik attended Nebraska's camp this past week, and the 6-foot-2, 194 pound prospect worked out as both a quarterback and as a linebacker.

"I thought the camp went very well," said Mertlik. "I thought I did well in the quarterback drills, and also the linebacker drills, so I was happy with my performance.

"I took away a few things for the quarterback position, how to help my mechanics and throwing, and some footwork drills," said the soon to be senior.

The drills he learned could really be useful because he is working hard in the offseason to improve his throwing and his quickness.

Mertlik attended the camp because he went on two unofficial visits to Nebraska last season, one to the Fresno State game and the other to the Michigan State game. As no stranger to to the program, the Nebraska native wanted to show what he could do on the field.

While at the camp Mertlik was able to meet with Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck.

"We just talked about football stuff," said the soon to be senior. "He also worked with me on the option. Coach Beck brought me over, and Coach Brown brought over two running backs. Then we just worked on the option."

During the summer Mertlik will also be attending camps at Iowa State, South Dakota State, North Dakota State, and possibly Minnesota.

"I think if I go to a place, and it feels right, then that will be a place I go," said Mertlik. "I also want to be able to go to school for free though, and play the game I love."

As of now the University of South Dakota is the only school to give him an offer. He has also been recruited by Ohio, South Dakota State, North Dakota State and Iowa State.

Mertlik will be a senior this year, and he believes that his team, the Blair High Bears, have a real chance at playing in the class-B state championship game.

"I believe we will be right there to content for a state title," said the quarterback. "That's our goal and we are working hard this summer to achieve that."

- Josh Harvey -

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