Hobbs gives Nebraska a "10"

One of the few, uncommitted quarterback prospects on Nebraska's recruiting radar seems to be Damion Hobbs from Cedar Hill (Texas). Hobbs was in Lincoln this weekend. What did he think about the trip?

Nebraska has been very busy with camps and also hosting unofficial visitors the past week or so. This weekend Damion Hobbs from Cedar Hill (Texas), a three-star recruit and the No. 33 quarterback overall according to Scout.com, was in town to check out the Huskers.

"I went to Lincoln on Friday," Hobbs said. "I was there through Sunday. I was there for the same time that they had their quarterback camp, but I didn't work out."

Hobbs says that Lincoln was surprising to him because it was unlike other towns that he has seen around the area. Hobbs also got a chance to speak with the offensive coordinator and the head coach while he was in town.

"I got a chance to see Lincoln and it was surprising. Lincoln isn't like any of the other towns that I have seen from around that area. I also saw the facilities and got a chance to talk with Coach Tim Beck and Coach Bo Pelini."

The facilities were very impressive to Hobbs who said that he expected the facilities to be nice, but he couldn't have expected what he saw. "I knew that the facilities at Nebraska would be nice, but it was shocking. You knew that they were going to be impressive based on their success on the field and the national championships. They were all modern and up to date."

There was a good chance for Hobbs to sit down with the Nebraska staff to discuss his skill set and the Nebraska offense. The coaches told Hobbs that he is exactly what they are looking for when it comes to the quarterback position.

"We had a chance to sit down and talk about how I fit in at Nebraska. They both said that I fit the offense there are Nebraska really well and what they were trying to do on the field. They also told me that Nebraska is just a great place."

The Nebraska visit couldn't have been any better for Hobbs; he gives Lincoln a perfect score. Looking back at his time in Nebraska he says that it was really the people that he met on his visit that stood out to him.

"I would say that it was a "10". It's a "10". I learned so much so quickly over a short period of time. It was just so good. I really liked the people there as well as the facilities and the football program. Everyone was really nice."

Hobbs is entering the busy stretch of his recruiting for the summer. He comes back from Nebraska and turns back around to visit Missouri this weekend. He might take one other trip this summer, but there is not a dfinitive date for that visit. "I head to Missouri this weekend. I will probably go to Arkansas State after that, but I don't have a date set up yet for that visit."

After visiting Nebraska, and really only setting up visits to Nebraska and Missouri, Hobbs maintains that he isn't favoring any school over the others. He is making these trips this summer so he can make a decision for his senior season begins.

"I haven't really thought about it. I am just going through the process, but I am taking these summer visits so I can make a commitment before my season starts. I don't have a specific date that I want to commit by though."

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