Antwine hits UNL

Plano wide receiver Anthony Antwine made the trip to Lincoln last week to camp with the Huskers.

Hard work seems to be a trend for most athletes in the offseason, and that is no different for wide receiver Anthony Antwine, a soon to be senior from Plano, TX.

Antwine attended Nebraska's summer camp on Tuesday June 5th. He believed it was a great experience with a lot of great competition. He was also able to learn new drills and techniques to help him further hone his skills in the offseason.

"I learned a lot of new drills, they help me with agility and hip strength," said Antwine.

Agility and speed, along with strength in general, are the major things that Antwine is working on improving.

"I am working on them everyday," said the soon to be senior. "Having strength and conditioning from 6-8, and a personal trainer from 8-10 everyday."

The 6-foot-4, 200 pound player decided to travel to the Nebraska to compete in the camp after receiving a brochure from the school asking him to attend.

"My family is also from Omaha," explained Antwine. "I also like the big ten setting they have set up at the college."

While at the camp Antwine was able to talk to wide receivers coach Rich Fisher, who told the receiver that he had a big body and that he could be really good.

Nebraska is not the only program showing interest in Antwine, who is also receiving interest from Tulsa, Navy, Texas State, Minnesota, and Washington.

He will be attending camps at Tulsa, Navy, Texas State, Central Arkansas, and probably many more, but those are the only ones for sure at this point.

When traveling around to all these camps there are specific things Antwine looks at when trying to decide where he wants to go for college.

"I look at the academics," said Antwine. "Also the conference they are in, where they are located, and what their facilities are like."

As a junior, Antwine snagged 23 receptions for 300 yards, but is hoping to improve as a senior. He also has high hopes for his entire Plano Senior High football team, and wouldn't be surprised if they contended for a 5A state championship.

"I think we will be really strong, and show what we can do on the offensive side of the ball," said the Plano, TX receiver. "Are defense will be really strong too; we have a lot of good returning starters."

- Josh Harvey -

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