Wanting to be recognized and wanted

Local wide receiver Noah Housh camped with Nebraska two weeks ago, in hopes the Huskers would start to look at him more.

North State wide receiver Noah Housh attended the football camp, held by Nebraska on Tuesday June 5th, in hopes of getting the Husker coaching staff to look at him more.

"I just wanted to get a little more exposure, like more than I have had," explained Housh.

Unfortunately though, he was not able to talk to the coaches very much like he would have liked to help out his cause. He will, however, be trying to visit campus in this coming year to help get recognized.

"I have to talk to the coaches more before I do anything," said Housh. "But yeah I plan on doing that."

He will also be attending camps at Kansas State, North Dakota State, and possibly South Dakota State, in hopes of getting more looks.

While at the football camp the soon to be senior took away a couple drills that he hopes will be able to help further hone his skill.

"I mostly learned footwork stuff," said Housh. "Stuff to help me with quick feet and hips, mostly drills that I will be able to use during workouts in the mornings up at school."

During this offseason, and during this coming school year, when Housh is looking for a school, he hopes to find a place that wants him.

"I want to go to a place that really wants me to go there," explained the North Star High receiver. "Somewhere that I feel wanted.

"Ohio has been on me lately," said Housh. "I have also been getting stuff from Iowa State, Nebraska, K State, and Illinois State."

This coming school year Housh is hoping to improve on his senior stats (15 receptions for 381 yards). He also hopes to help out his team, who he believes has a chance to make a run at a state championship.

- Josh Harvey -

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