Newell's perfect day

Hiawatha senior high school (KS) defensive end Peyton Newell is one of the most highly sought after 2014 prospects in the country. On Saturday, he was in Lincoln visiting for Big Red Weekend.

Peyton Newell was one of the few juniors to attend Nebraska's first ever, Big Red Weekend. This was his first visit to Nebraska, and it had a lasting impression on him.

"Today couldn't have gone more perfect," said Newell. "It was a great day and I got to spend time with all the coaches, especially Coach Pelini, it was a great day overall."

Spending time and meeting with the coaches was one of the best parts of the visit for this young lineman.

"Coach Pelini is a great guy," explained the junior. "I can definitely see myself playing under him. He has lots of knowledge and you can tell he knows what he is doing.

"My favorite part was probably being with Coach Kaczenski," said Newell. "He is definitely a great guy and I can see myself reaching my full potential with him. I have already talked on the phone with him multiple times so we already have a great relationship, and I am excited to see what he can possibly do to me if Nebraska is my final choice."

The coaching staff was not the only thing that impressed him on this visit however; he found the campus as a whole to be great.

"It's a lot nicer than other campuses," he explained. "It's really well kept, and you can tell it has grown, so I definitely like that."

A campus tour was one of the things Newell experienced while participating in Big Red Weekend. When they first got there they all the players introduced themselves to each other because Nebraska is about being a family.

They also toured the facilities, had position meetings, and had dinner with each other and thirty or so players. Then to end the day they all got to go out onto the field together.

"To end the day we walked onto the field with music playing and the lights on, and we got to do the football walk," said Newell. "It was definitely a great day."

Newell says he plans to visit Nebraska again in the fall, to see campus with students there and to check out one of the football games.

- Josh Harvey -

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