Official Visit Q&A: Beau Sandland

Junior college tight end Beau Sandland says he will be back to Lincoln down the road.

Tell me about the visit, what were your impressions?
"I had a blast, obviously I had high expectations going in, but those were met and exceeded and I wish I didn't have to leave. All the players, all the staff all the recruiting personnel, the nutritionist, the strength and training guys, all great people and it was great how they approached it. I loved it; it couldn't have gone any better."

Tell me what it was like being there with top talent from around the nation, and possibly future teammates.
"Well obviously I was there on my official, so I kind of did my own thing, but I did get to spend some time with those guys here for the Big Red Weekend, and met a lot of them. I met Greg Hart, a tight end commitment, and a I met a few other juniors who have a tight end offer. They were great kids and I was glad we got to see them as possible future teammates."

Tell me about your conversations with the coaches.
"Oh man I probably shook about ten thousand hands when I was there, I mean I met pretty much everyone that was there. I talked with Coach Beck a lot, and got to meet with Coach Pelini. I got to talk with him (Pelini) not only about football, but also on a personal level trying to build a relationship and all that. He is really a players first kind of guy, which is obvious when talking to him, it really comes through."

I know you are planning on taking more visits. Are you planning on taking all five?
"Yeah that's what I plan on doing, but that might change, I mean from the get go that's what I have wanted to do, take all five and might be what is happening, but I can't tell you the future, but I will definitely be returning here, and bringing my mom back, hopefully go to a game. I hope to come out here even before that, but we will see what happens."

Do you want to make sure to return to see it again while visiting other schools as well? Some guys are high on a trip right after it and six months later they aren't as high on the school after they visited elsewhere.
"Yeah exactly, and I am sure that does happen, I can see how it could happen when they role out the red carpet for you, you can get caught up in it. That's why I don't want to make any rash decisions based on emotion. Also through the decision making process I want my mom to meet the people and the coaches and all the people I meet. I know she is going to love it. I know that Nebraska will definitely be in the top there when it comes down to the top three or five schools."

What have they said to you as far as how you would fit in their system?
"Well they want me to come in, and with Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed graduating, I would have the chance to come in day one and be the starter, be an immediate impact guy, and they feel like they are pretty set at every position beside tight end.

"Everywhere else they have good depth and guys at every level and lots of returners, but they feel like I can come in and do a lot of what Ben did, and do a little bit of what Kyler did because Ben is the bigger end line blocking guy and Kyler is the speed guy. So they feel like I can bring the best of both worlds of that and be able to do that at the tight end position, and they feel I can come in and make an immediate impact."

- Assisted by Big Red Report's Eric Oslund -

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