Q&A: Courtney Love

Nebraska commitment Courtney Love stopped by Lincoln for Big Red Weekend.

What did you think about Big Red Weekend?
"I was great being able to be around recruits I haven't met in person, and I got to talk to them about committing, and I got to talk to the recruits who weren't yet committed as well."

What did you think of your recruiting class?
"I think it's a great class, a great group of guys. They are really talented, and are going to be great one day."

Are there any players that really stood out to you, or anyone you are looking forward to playing with?
"Definitely Christian Lacouture, Greg Hart, Terrell Newby if he commits, Marcus Newby if he commits, Darian Claiborne if he commits, they are all great players. There is another kid from a junior college that was visiting, I can't remember his name, but he seemed like he would be a great pick-up if he decided to go to Nebraska. There are a couple other guys; Nathan Gerry, I believe he committed this weekend; he is a great player also."

What was a highlight for you during the BRW?
"I don't know if there was just one highlight for myself, but I think the whole thing was a huge highlight for everyone to come together and meet one another, and try to get some more teammates, meet the staff, and I got a chance to bring my brothers out here and they really loved it."

What do you think of the campus and facilities Nebraska has?
"I love them, so far compared to the campuses I have visited; Nebraska is a step above everyone else. Their weight lifting technology, the nutrition aspect of it, and even academically and life skills are great. The academics and everyone are all one, and you don't see that at many other places. The coaches are really pushing towards the academics and life skills before anything else, even before getting people ready for football."

So academics were a big thing for you when looking at schools?

What do you think of the coaching staff?
"They are a great group of people, and they care about you as a person before they care about you as a player. They are going to make sure you have everything in your life situated and academically, so you can get out of college, and be a good person. It's like having a second dad really with those guys there."

If you had to describe BRW in one word what would that be?
"Probably 'awesome'"

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